Pedal Faster
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Imagine my dismay to look up while riding my bike to see buzzards circling overhead. PEDAL FASTER!! It reminded me of the bumper sticker, “Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.”

Isn’t that just like life – you’re going along, thinking you’re doing fine just to look up and find the buzzards circling you. Bike riding is often my metaphor for life. It is time I get to close out the world and be alone with my thoughts and my heavenly Father.

I think what I learned this day is that there is a time to slow down and enjoy the scenery of life and there are times when I need to pedal fast. In my life I am more likely to have too many things on my plate and pedaling like a mad fool. I think that in life, as in my bike riding, the days when I slow down and enjoy nature and everything God has given me helps me to be stronger, more effective and faster on those “work” days. Not having quiet meditative time seems to make me more vulnerable to the vultures rather than less. I hope I learn this lesson way down in my spirit, and soon.

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