The Trinity

1 Corinthians 2: 10 – 13                God’s Word

God has revealed those things to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches everything, especially the deep things of God. After all, who knows everything about a person except that person’s own spirit? In the same way, no one has known everything about God except God’s Spirit. Now, we didn’t receive the spirit that belongs to the world. Instead, we received the Spirit who comes from God so that we could know the things which God has freely given us. We don’t speak about these things using teachings that are based on intellectual arguments like people do. Instead, we use the Spirit’s teachings. We explain spiritual things to those who have the Spirit.

I well remember the day when I realized that I had a pretty good relationship with Jesus, but almost no relationship with the Father. Actually, it was worse than that for I discovered I harbored resentment deep in my heart towards Father. In my youth I blamed Him for some of the bad things which happened to me. Years later, I discovered those feelings remained hidden in the bowels of my spirit. I immediately began to repair those old hurts and enter into a new relationship with God.

I have since found that I am not alone in this one dimension relationship with the Trinity. Other Christians fellowship with Christ but have almost no communion with the Father. This, we must remedy. Far worse, though, is how few have a relationship with the Spirit.

In today’s passage we learn of Paul’s reliance on the Spirit of God. His writing emphasizes the importance of sharing fellowship with the Spirit of God, explaining that it is only through this fellowship that we will ever truly know God.

I strongly believe we are living in the Age of the Spirit. I have written this before. When Jesus left the earth, he sent us another, a comforter, who would be with us until the end of the age. We must embrace this other, this comforter sent by Christ. It begins with the prayer of solicitation. Just ask. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life. Ask him to live in your heart, to intertwine with your own spirit and make himself known to you. Invite him to participate in everything you do and be mindful of him. Quiet your mind and listen to the voice in your spirit for he will communicate with you through that intertwined life within you. You will become one. He will share his thoughts and wisdom with you through that connection. Ask him to become an integral part of your life and your day. Wake up tomorrow and welcome him to your day. Become mindful that God is three persons and be alert for all three parts to be a part with you.