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1 John 4: 4

You are from God, children, and you have overcome them, because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

This is one of those verses that we hear often but I wonder if we see the meaning in it. Yesterday we explored the idea of treating the Bible as literal truth. What happens if you do that with this verse?

Who is it that is in us? The verse from yesterday, 1 John 4: 15 reveals that God lives inside of everyone who acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God. Who is “he who is in the world?” This phrase refers to Satan. So rephrase this to read, greater is God who lives in you than Satan who is in the world. Yeah, I guess so!!

There is another group indicated in this passage. The verse says, “you have overcome them.” “Them” refers to those who do not acknowledge that Jesus came from God. The various translations refer either to people or spirits, but we needn’t be confused by that. When we were created, we were called speaking spirits. At our core, we are spirits wearing a flesh robe. The God’s Word translation adds clarity, “But every person who doesn’t declare that Jesus Christ has come as a human has a spirit that isn’t from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist that you have heard is coming. That spirit is already in the world ,(v. 3).

So, we have now identified all the parties. You have been labeled an overcomer and God says you have already overcome those who do not acknowledge Jesus as the Christ whether they be spirits or people whose spirit is speaking. We know that the world has trouble but be comforted. You can overcome the world because, as we learned yesterday, you are in God (John 16: 33, 1 John 4: 15).

Now to the nitty gritty. He who is in the world is out there just trying to stir up trouble for you. He is a trouble maker. It’s what he does. Just look what happened in the Garden of Eden thanks to his meddling. You do not have to be a victim to his machinations though because greater is He who lives in you than he who is trying to make trouble. God is big enough for the troubles. We apply the oil of His anointing to the troubling situations and let His grace move the mountains with our faith.

Living in God as He lives in us is one of the key ways to keep the enemy on the run. Our ministry slogan is “Intertwined with Jesus” because that is where your safety and assurance rests. He is our pathway and that path leads directly to our Father who awaits our arrival.

Endeavor to live every day in God. Learn to live to the Spirit rather than to the flesh. Learn what that means if you don’t know. Let the Lord live through you and have expression through you because he has already defeated every foe. The greater one lives in you. Let this speak to your spirit today.

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1 John 4: 15            NIV

If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God.

When we slow down and think about this verse, it seems pretty odd really. We accept it pretty easily because our pastors have put this verse before our eyes and ears for years. When you really think about how does God live in us? Where does He live? And how are we in God? Is this just rhetoric or is it truth?

Many of us err because we fail to take the Bible literally. Because of unbelief, we categorize verses like this one as metaphors. In other words, in our minds we read “If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, it is as if God lives in them and they in God.” To put it simply, we rewrite the Holy Scripture in our mind. Not only is this error, it is dangerous, and it robs us of God’s blessing in our lives.

Science is beginning to prove the literal truth of the Bible. The more of these studies I hear about, the more books I read, I find myself continually saying, “God has been saying that for thousands of years.” As of now, I am not aware of anyone who has figured out how to test and measure God’s residency within us, but I am here to say, it is actual literal truth. One day, probably in the not too far future, someone will find a way to test this scripture and point to God in your cells. Someday soon scientists will be able to look within us and identify our spirits. Does it sound crazy? So, did computers much less mobile phones. The impossible is done all the time.

The thought I want you to walk away with is that God lives inside you. He is with you 24/7. How does that affect your thinking? Does it make you more confident that you too can do the impossible? The Bible says that all things are possible to those who believe (Mark 9: 23). Does it make you feel that you are never alone? There are so many take aways when you take the Bible at face value, when you simply believe without reasoning away the truth.

There is one other question to think about. This verse says we live in God too. That should give a moment’s pause. How does that work? I would love to hear your thoughts. Email us at,