Got Milk?

1 Peter 2: 2

Like newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the word, that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.

First, the Bible is a book to be revered but not worshiped. It leads us into revelation of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We also know that Jesus is the incarnation of the spoken word of God. Therefore, the Bible is to be given a high place in our lives. It is not, however, the end all. Our Father is the beginning and the end. The Son is first and foremost and the Holy Spirit is our need and should be our pursuit. The triune God should be the subject of our search and our first and highest priority. It is they to whom our worship and thanksgiving should be directed. Having said that, I do not think anyone will attain the Father, Son and Spirit without a close appreciation of the Word.

I am amazed at how many Christians have little or no regard for the Bible. I have heard and read Christians elevate all sorts of institutions and ideas above the word. I have been to so many Christian services that celebrate a form of faithfulness but which in reality have so very little to do with God. I have sat in those services wondering if God was even welcome and asked myself what God, faith or Christianity have to do with the reason we were all sitting on those pews. I see on Facebook, posters and all sorts of media people who assert that they are offering a Christian message but who in truth worship their own minds and reasoning above God’s Word. Rubbish! This is foolishness and deception.

This ministry is marked by its openness to all denominations and to those who have no denomination at all. The Word of the Day is a call to all who profess Jesus as Lord. However, though I honor all denominations, I am not trying to train you to be a good Catholic or a good Baptist. I desire that you fall head over heels in love with Jesus and worship He and His Father with all your heart. Then choose whatever church helps you express you adoration for the Father and leads you into deeper revelations of Him The doctrines of man are not going to further our relationship with the Trinity. Notice that I did not say “our understanding” of the trinity or of Christianity. This isn’t a college degree program. Christianity is about falling in love. As a result we seek to know our Father, His Spirit and Jesus in a personal way. If, however, any of us thinks we can do that without a steady diet of the Word, then we deceive ourselves. 

Our minds will never lead us where we need to go. Our souls can be misled. It is the combination of connecting with God in our hearts and allowing the Bible to provide the structural framework that tears the veil and reveals the most intimate aspects and truths of God to our hearts. If you never crack open your Bible, you just are not going to have the milk you need in order to sustain your growth. If you think your intellect is going to get you into heaven, then you better buy a pair of asbestos coveralls. Jesus said, “I am the way”. He also is revealed multiple times as The Word. Get a revelation today. The Bible is the fire suit you need. The Word of God is the milk of salvation. Perhaps that gives a new revelation on the advertising slogan, “Got Milk?”