Big Turn-out

Acts 13: 44

And the next Sabbath nearly the whole city assembled to hear the word of God.

I often wonder why we, as Americans, do not seem to honor the Bible greatly. In the passage above, nearly the whole town turned out to hear the Word of God. One reason may be that Bibles are so readily available to us; we have such easy access to them. Looking up from my keyboard I can count eight Bibles of various translations, formats and languages. And that only represents the ones in this room. There are others in different places in the house. Does this sometimes make us complacent? Do we esteem lightly those things which are easily obtained?

I also hear people talk about the Bible being written by men although it is inspired by God. Their point is that they think the Bible may be flawed because God had to pen it through a person’s hand. So I wonder, have we become arrogant in our age of individualism and intellectualism? Are we so impressed with our own great intellect that we do not feel that we need take direction from another? Do we believe that the Apostle Paul cannot inform our lives? If not that, are we just lazy? Do we forsake the reading of our Bibles because we have televisions to entertain us? Or maybe fear plays a role in our indolent attitude towards the Bible. Maybe we are afraid that it will in some way require something of us. Perhaps we fear it will require something we are unwilling to give. Maybe we think we can plead ignorance when we face God so we keep ourselves intentionally ignorant of the Bible’s passages.

I do not know all the answers to these questions but I do have observations. And I have observed that a great many Christians give short shrift to the Bible. The scriptures and teaching of them does not even always hold a primary position in Christian services. Whether we believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God or not, most of us do believe it is the Word of God. It is the only word of God we have.

I want you to develop a lifelong love affair with the Word because it is the power of God. There is comfort in the Word. There is healing. I know the best thing I can give anyone is the Word of God. There is so much security and help in the Word and all I can bring you is a little dose. God talks to us through his Word. He leads us through his word. It is your sword and your shield and your very constant companion.