Forever, and Ever

Psalm 66: 22          TPT

I will forever praise this God who didn’t close his heart when I prayed and never said no when I asked him for help. He never once refused to show me his tender love.

As I look back on my journey of faith, I notice how my attitudes have changed. I recall the zealousness of being a new believer. That was a fun time. I so well remember the new awakening when I became spirit filled and how that changed my life forever. Then a conference, a prophetic dream and an emergence that was as a new birthday to me. Again, this new chapter with Yahweh changed my life substantially and forever.

Now, I am like an aged cheddar cheese or an aged wine. The flavor of my faith has definitely changed. I am steeped in my faith and praise is, perhaps not as loudly jubilant as in my youth, but is devoutly anchored in my soul. I sometimes have fewer words for Him because I am more overwhelmed by His graciousness and love than ever before. Words fail me. I find also that He is more Father to me than ever before and the depth of that relationship grows every day.

I have become a Christian vigilante. Maybe that is not a good thing but I find myself quick in response when someone talks bad about my Dad. People may find me perplexing as a pastor of the flock because some of those who speak most negatively about my beloved also call Him Father. Only last week, did I find myself with an internal reaction to someone who wanted her son to know that all the bad and challenging things in his life were God leading him to be stronger. Is that how we help our children to grow and be stronger, by beating them up? I find myself, instantly, armed for battle with the fierce courage of a lion.

He never fails to show His tender love, never! He is perfect love and unfathomable affection. I have not received everything I have prayed for. There is much I still long for but I have unshakable, absolute belief that my heavenly Father is alive and well. He is watching out for us every minute of every day. He is not asleep, is not inattentive. He has never once closed His heart to anyone of us when we have prayed. No amount of evidence is sufficient to prove otherwise because the evidence is simply incomplete until it shows a picture of ultimate love.

I will praise Him forever. He is on my heart and my mind. I may not jump up and down in the exuberance of David, but praise and gratitude shall never leave my heart or fail to be upon my lips. And, who knows, when I get to heaven, maybe I will learn to dance like David danced and maybe I will be able to sing as David sang. Regardless, from now through eternity, I shall praise the God of my heart who has never failed to hear our prayers or ceased in showing His tender love.