Psalm 108: 12 – 13      NIV

Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.

These two verses capture well how I feel about the coronavirus situation. We have battled it with our human wisdom, yet it seems we are getting nowhere. I appreciate the Herculean efforts researchers and medical personnel are investing in this problem. They truly are heroes. However, despite their tireless efforts, the virus continues to ravage the world. It is truly amazing how it tears through populations. We need intervention, Divine intervention.

No doubt that with God we will gain the victory. He is glorious and everything that is named must bow to Him. The virus and the disease it causes have names, so must bow to the awesome names, Yahweh and Yeshua (Father and Son). Our God is a mighty fortress and a powerful force. He is the shelter into which we can run but He is also our defender, forward and rear guard. He is gentle with the frightened and hurting but a fierce foe against anything that threatens His children. His love creates a safe haven, but it also tramples our adversary.

We need rescuing now. We need help against the enemy now. There is no authority in the earth that can overcome this dilemma. Even if the WHO was empowered and completely effective, not all nations are members. There is only one who reigns over the entire world. Bless His holy name, He loves members of every country, race and nationality. He is our one and only Father, our beloved. He is the morning sun, the bright and shining hope; our love and our life. Bless the Lord. Give praise to His name. Sing of His glory and enduring kindness. Beseech His aid. In one unified voice, call Yahweh. Seek Him and His face. Glory to the Lord; glory and praise. May all who have voice cry out to Him and praise His holy name.