Matthew 15: 31

And the crowds marveled with rapture and amazement, astounded over the things they were witnessing with their own eyes! The lame were walking, the mute were speaking, the crippled were made well, and the blind could see. For three days everyone celebrated the miracles as they exalted and praised the God of Israel!

What is most amazing in this passage to you, that the lame, blind and mute were restored or that Israel worshiped and celebrated for three days? I would love to be a fly on the wall, a time travelling fly, so that I could witness their celebration. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a time of great miracles and surrounded by praise? I don’t imagine this all happening in the temple. I imagine feasts and parties taking place in the streets and people’s homes. All the nation was filled with praise and worship. Can you picture this? It makes the spirit soar, does it not?

This verse brings a sense of longing to my heart. The people were astounded because of all the miracles that were happening around them. There was so much of God’s power being manifested that they were in a constant state of amazement which then fueled a constant state of praise. I imagine the praise just bubbled up out of them as they were overwhelmed with all they witnessed. People were, literally, overjoyed! Wouldn’t that be great? I would love to live in such a time.

I know that our blessed Father loves us just as much as he loved the people of that day. In addition, His power has not waned. So, why should we not enjoy the same outpouring? Then I think of some of the events that have happened, such as the Azusa Street event. It was a Pentecostal revival that lasted for nine years. While that is really great, what caused it to end? Why aren’t more of us and more of our churches experiencing revival? When was the last time any of us had a truly spiritual experience with the Father, Son or Holy Spirit? How many of us expect to?

I want to praise like David praised. I want to be overwhelmed with the glory of God. I want all the world to see that our God is the Great King and Almighty God of the Universe, that He is the Creator and that He is Lord. Three men in Wales brought about revival through their steadfast prayer. Perhaps if we became inspired and started praying earnestly, we too could see revival in our cities and in our own time. The devil has done a great job of keeping us busy, though. We worship at the altar of busyness. Who has time to pray for revival? Well, maybe if we can find three people really dedicated to prayer, we too can experience God’s manifested presence pouring out in our generation. Doesn’t that sound good?