The One Thing



Luke 10: 41 – 42

But answering her, the Lord said, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and bothered about many things; but only one thing is necessary.

I have been talking about the “one thing” for a while now. The reason is because this is the lesson I am learning. The Lord, our Father continues to peel back layers of the onion so that I can see more clearly what He means by “BE” with me. Just BE, rather than “Do” with me. What a simple yet challenging concept.

When Moses asked the Lord who he should say sent Him, God responded with, “This is what you shall say to the sons of Israel: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’” (Exodus 3: 14). There is something both simple and profound about Yahweh’s answer and so many different meanings you can unpack. The newly revealed layer of the onion that I am now seeing for the first time is that God didn’t define Himself by what He did or was doing. His solid, enduring power is in the straightforwardness of just being. He is the God of many events and actions, without doubt, but the bedrock of our relationship with Him and of who He is can be found most clearly in the verb “to be.”

The picture above is of my lunch spot on a recent bike ride. You can see my bike there on the edge of the table. I also stopped at this site on my way back to my car. As I sat there with my legs stretched out, looking at the trees and the river just beyond, I thought I could at least pray while I sat there taking a break. Immediately, though, I felt the Holy Spirit stir within me and Father say, “Or you could just do nothing, just be with Me.”

Wow! There was that simple “being” with God again. It’s what Jesus tried to convey to Martha and what he suggested to the rich, young ruler. “Come be with me.” Some of us, me in particular, try to do everything. We do so much, in fact, that there is little quiet time within us. Our spirits and minds are whirring so fast and so constantly that it can be quite challenging to hear God or to fellowship in His presence.

This spot along the river was tranquil. Taking God’s words to heart, I calmed my mind and just enjoyed the beauty. All of a sudden, I became aware of lots of birds around me, the sound of the river, the rustle of leaves and the wind caressed them and the buzzing of insect wings. It was peaceful and beautiful.

I found myself relaxing and enjoying just taking in the sights and sounds. In that moment, I knew God. He was there with me. We didn’t have to chat, pray, plan or do anything. It was all about just enjoying time in His presence, just being with Him.

I believe we need these moments. We lead such busy lives these days that we create chaos and unrest within our souls. We need time when we can bask in God’s presence without doing anything; just resting in Him. It is restorative and healing.

Some of you can hear this, some of you can’t. I know, because it has taken me all these years to learn to slow down and just “be” with Yahweh. Father God didn’t save us so that He would have more employees. He saved us so He would have more kids to spend time with, to enjoy life with. Apparently, life wasn’t meant to be go, go, go. The idiom, stop and smell the roses comes to mind. We say it, but some of us still don’t do it. Well, maybe we can all take a couple of minutes today to stop for a moment and just “Be” in Father’s presence, just enjoy being without having to do anything.

More Power Please

Psalm 68: 35

O God, You are awesome from Your sanctuary. The God of Israel Himself gives strength and power to the people. Blessed be God!

You are getting a lot of Psalms and Isaiah this week because these two books, along with the Proverbs, are where I go for strength and encouragement. The Psalms are a good place for you to look for our Father in a time of need.

I need strength and power so I journeyed into the Psalms to find a promise I can hang my hat on. I have taken on a bicycle ride that is a bit of a challenge but like every aspect of my life, I expect Dad to be a full partner for this ride. I need Him to supply the strength and power and I will supply the legs. That sort of ends my commitment. Just like in my work, He has to do all of the hard work. This is an arrangement that is working very well for me and is what He wants my role to be. I know because I asked Him. I felt a bit guilty that I was expecting Him to supply all the strength and all of the power but He told me that is where He wants me. He wants me to rely on Him to provide for my every need. Wow!

I have three BIG guys. Why would I want to do the hard labor. That just does not make sense. Father, Son and Holy Spirit have this covered. And, oh yeah, my part? Well, that was praying about it before I committed myself. If Dad said, “No,” then I wouldn’t be doing this.

This applies in every single area of life. When things present themselves, before we say, “yes” we can go to the Father and ask Him. He manages the resources which include our time and energy. He also knows which things move us forward and which will set us back. We are such rugged individualists that we often forge ahead. “Damn the torpedoes. Full steam ahead.” Well, I am beginning to think that individualism may be at the root of a great many of our social, familial and even personal problems. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if it is sin. Regardless, your Father is here to carry the heavy load for you. He has all strength and all power. He is all we need.

Hey, remember to scratch out the name Israel and write in your own. That is your proper standing in this New Covenant.