Foot Apparel

Ephesians 6: 14 -15

Stand firm therefore, having . . . shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

I wrote a devotional recently titled “Gospel Boots.” In that devotional I wrote about spiritual warfare and how you are well able to overcome all the schemes of the enemy. I used the term Gospel Boots as a reference to this passage from Ephesians. Today I wish to elucidate on that term and why I think it is important to your life.

By using the term Gospel Boots I intended to put you in remembrance of putting on your shoes of the gospel of peace. Visually I could see us in the trenches of warfare where we would wear boots. These boots are special though, they are the boots of the Kingdom, they are Gospel Boots. Moreover, when we wear our battle boots, we are protected and we are always able to stand firm. The reason why these boots afford us tremendous victory is because of an oft overlooked word in verse 15; preparation.

By now you know that the gospel of peace is the Word of God which, besides being the written Word, is also Jesus, himself, and every word he ever speaks. So, here is the key. If you want to stand firm, if you want your shiny gospel boots, and absolutely if you are endeavoring to don them, then you must pay heed to the word preparation because it is your preparation in the gospel that empowers you.

All of the words of these two verses are meaningful and intentional. You will stand firm and be victorious; you will stand and enjoy peace when you have prepared yourself in the Word. Paul didn’t say it was only through peace, nor only through preparation, nor even only through the gospel that you will overcome in the evil day. He said that you are to put on your shoes of preparation in the gospel of peace. Jesus teaches and the Holy Spirit leads us to peace. You don’t even have to fight when you understand this. You can simply stand. The Word will give you strength. It insulates you from the world because it is the substance between your feet and the earth. Your boots protect you and give you firm purchase, even upon slippery ground. They will prevent you from making a misstep and turning your ankle because they are reinforced with truth. So, as I wrote in the “Gospel Boots” devotional “Shine up your gospel boots and stand against the schemes of the devil. Put him to flight because the one who is in you, already won.”