Taking Notes

Habakkuk 2: 2

Record the vision  and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run.

Some of you are familiar with journaling or have at least heard me discuss it.  Because I am a student, I think of it as taking notes.  That is perhaps the most accurate description available for this process.  One simply writes down what they hear God say, or even what they think they hear.  Just write it all down.  Then, like any good student, review your notes after class.  When you review what you have written down, you will likely be able to tell if it was God speaking or if it was you.  If you are not sure, send it to someone proficient who can help.

Today I would like to feature the Born of the Spirit website and  share with you some of my scripture journaling.  Scripture journaling is where I choose a scripture and ask Father to speak to me about it.  This sample has been chosen from the Born of the Spirit website where I post a journaled verse each week.  I also pose a couple of questions which you may want to ask the Father.  Click Here to visit the Born of the Spirit site.

If you need a counselor to whom you can send your journaling, go to Communion with God Ministries.  There are trained counselors waiting to assist you through this free but limited time program.  Both the Communion with God and the Born of the Spirit websites are from our friends Mark and  Patty Virkler and Charity Virkler Kayembe.

I hope you enjoy the journal entry below.

Proverb 16: 7

Father, what would you like to show me about this verse?

My child, haven’t you noticed that when you are living in me and through me, life seems to flow more smoothly. The life you live, the life you choose to live is what gives energy and power to every situation you experience. When you live in and through me, there is an empowerment of peace because I am peace, I am the Lord of peace and my peace I left with you. Though this is an Old Testament verse, can’t you see the New Testament implications of it? It is not solely that your ways are pleasing to my Father but more that your ways are increasingly becoming my ways. You are adopting my ways and that brings peace into your environment. The more of me you absorb, the more your world will mirror mine. I have overcome the trouble of the world. Rest, therefore, in my peace and allow it to overflow onto all you do.