I’m Just Sayin’

Revelations 12:11

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony.

You may have noticed that the Old Testament and New Testament verses about healing are different from one another. The Old Testament has the promise, and the New Testament is much more about application. This is one of those application verses. It teaches us how to overcome.
Throughout this series we have seen the implication of our words. Here is yet another verse which leads us to understanding the power of the words we speak. In this case, we learn that our words are a key tool in overcoming the challenges we face. This verse also, I believe clearly, illuminates and resolves the question of who fights the battles of life. We shall never win in our own strength. It is Christ and his victory which has given us the power to be overcomers. However, and this is key, it was not the blood of the lamb alone which delivered. Victory is in the blood and the word of our testimony. In other words, victory is in Christ’s blood and our words.

Jesus paid the ultimate price to gain our release from the shackles that had all humanity bound in slavery. We were destitute, humanity’s only hope, the promised Messiah. Then he came, hallelujah, but was unrecognized by most. In the darkest of hours, Jesus nailed our enslavement to a cross. For all appearances it looked like the ultimate defeat, but out of the shadows arose triumph and that triumph set us all free. Or did it?

Today many remained enslaved. The victory of Christ is ours for the taking, but look around. Many have chosen not to claim the freedom that is theirs in Christ Jesus. It is heartbreaking. Were they to know that their victory is as close as the confession of their lips, then they could be free. Salvation has been won by the bravery and love of the Christ. It is claimed and becomes our own through our words. It is like having something in lay away that all you need to do is claim it through the use of speech. Salvation is for anyone who will claim it.

The great revelation is that all that Christ won for us is claimed in this very same way. As I wrote to you previously, salvation, prosperity and divine health were all purchased at Calvary. The question is why we go to the hill and return with only salvation. It is all there for us if we would only submit our claim ticket. If we can, with confidence, claim, “I am saved,” then we ought to also be able to say, “I am healed” with the same certainty. Likewise, our financial wellbeing is in the blood of the lamb and the words of our mouth.

Here is the point. Jesus’ blood has done its part, but we see from this verse that we have a role as well. Honestly, this truth makes us a bit uncomfortable because we don’t want anything to depend on us. None the less, this is how the Kingdom works. It is how it works for God and for Jesus as well. Remember, the world was not created because God thought it. He said something. That is also why Jesus remained silent when he was tortured and questioned. His words would have changed the outcome. We have been made in God’s image and in Christ’s image too because he is the exact representation of God. Thus, we must operate the Kingdom principles as they have taught and demonstrated. So, the reality is that we must say something. When this verse says “they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony” it means our words are how we participate in the overcoming blood of the lamb. The word of our testimony means the words of our mouth. What are we saying and are we intentionally saying what we want to see manifested in our lives? Look back at the prayer from last Monday’s Word of the Day titled Shift Gears. Borrow language from it, use it to help you write your own if you like. Let today’s word from the Lord affect you. Let it impact how you engage with Christ over your healing. Praise him. Thank him. Oh, what marvelous things he has done for us!