Slow Down

Proverb 16: 3 & 9

Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established. The mind of a person plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

I can speak on this subject with some authority having messed it up many times. Here is my former model. God would open my eyes and give me a tremendous idea. I would know beyond doubt what He wanted me to do having received a vision of this idea. Now I don’t mean a mystical vision. I mean that God gave me an idea that unfolded before me so that I could picture where it was going. Working with God often means that plan unfolds with time, but you can get an overview in the beginning, the details to follow. Well, I would grasp the idea, become enthused with it, and start running. As you see, that is not the model this verse teaches. Sometimes the vision is not for this moment. It could be for tomorrow, and it could be given to you now so that you recognize something that comes into your hands as a piece of the whole.

When we begin a new project or God gives us an idea or goal, the very first thing we should do is run to our prayer closet. I get all excited and want to “DO” something. I want to get the ball rolling. What a bad idea that is. The worst thing about it is that I have done it over and over. Praise God, I am finally learning. God will do a lot of the work for you, put the right people with the right assets right in front of you if you will do your job. That is to pray.

Take this vision God has given you and commit it to Him in prayer. Seek His wisdom and guidance. Instead of planning the project out yourself, be still and let Him reveal the plan. He will direct your steps. You can do a lot with your energy and strength but in the end you are worn out and the project is never as full as if you had let Father direct your steps. Believe me! I know what I am talking about. And, I am still preaching to myself a bit today. Slow down a little and enquire of the Lord. If you will commit your works to Him, He will give you a good plan and establish your steps.

Trust Commitment

Psalm 37: 5

Commit your way to the lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.

Learning to trust God is a continual work. We need to become as little children and trust him wholly and completely. You have seen a small child jump off of a height into a waiting parent’s arms. Their trust is complete and fear non-existent. Unfortunately, as we grow, the world teaches us to trust in ourselves and no one else. We learn distrust instead of maintaining that attitude of complete trust. We learn fear. As adults, and yet children of God, we need to learn to go back to what I call radical trust. It is the trust of a small child. We need to unlearn what we have learned of the world and go back to our simpler days, the days of our youth. Do you know why children are able to trust so completely? It is love. Their world is love. That is all they know in the beginning of their lives. They have not learned of the ugliness of the world because they are still in the cocoon of love. 1 John 4: 18 says that perfect love casts out fear. So, there is no fear in them.

As you grew older, the world invaded your world and taught you the things outside of love. And many of us learned those lessons so well that we let go of what love taught. We actually, then, become creatures of the world instead of children of love. But, as sentient beings we have the ability to choose. You can turn yourself away from a life of fear and skepticism and go back to a world of faith, love and trust. In the Lord is complete safety and love. I wish I could trust Him for you. I wish I could give you my trust but you must see for yourself. It begins with one small trust step for most of us. Then we see God’s faithfulness and the next time we are able to trust Him a bit more. Then more, and more. Finally, one day we will abide in radical trust of the Lord. That is where I want to be because it is a life of no worry, no stress and no fear. You won’t sweat the stuff that is driving other people crazy because you will have such complete trust in the Lord’s faithfulness towards you.

Commit your ways completely and totally to the Lord and let Him show you what He will do for you.