Creative Genius

Genesis 1: 1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

There are many ways we relate to God. First and foremost, He is our Father. Of course, He is also the creator. All of creation came out of his love for us and desire to give us a home. One day we will all live eternally in heaven but we have a temporary home here.

God generously created this planet for us. It is tailor made for our physiology but also for our spirits. The marvels and beauty of the earth lift us and even enthrall us at times. Still, the most amazing and awe inspiring truth of all time is that the God who created this planet considers us His greatest creation. He made the earth not to be a tremendous work of art that would accrue to His credit but rather that it would be a blessing and a home for His beloved. The all-powerful creator just wanted to be a parent and He wanted to bless us with an environment that would do more than meet our needs. It is meant to provide the many joys we gain from its beauty as well as the resources we need to live.

God, the creator, knew the exact amount of gravity we could tolerate, the kind of atmosphere we need and even the gas mixture of the air we breathe. He created our bodies and matched a planet to our needs. He also knew the depth and breadth of our spirits, that simply meeting our physical needs would not satisfy all of who we are. A mountain stream, or a simple tree gives breath to our spirits and the Father enjoys our awe with us. He dwells in us and with us and loves seeing through our eyes and through our hearts.

Seeing this earth with all its wonder is a testimony of God’s great love for us. He crafted a whole planet just for us. Who has ever dreamed that big? How big is the blessing of God? As big as the whole planet! In truth, I am sure we will find it is as great as the universe. Perhaps He is making us another planet right now. Your Father is the creator of the entire universe. How does it get any better than that?

Calling Things

Romans 4: 17        (KJV)

God … who calleth those things which be not as though they were.

As Christians, there are several ways we can affect the situations around us. One way is simply to pray and ask our Father to intervene. There is another means by which the Lord has meant for us to affect our lives and the entire world. That is through the power of our tongue; the power of confession. God has given us His power so that we might go into all the world doing good even as Jesus did. Our confession is the basic tool for this process. This is the means by which the Father created the earth, the universe and all creation. He spoke them into existence. There is something so primal and so basic here that if we, as the body of Christ, can get a hold of it, we will be the means of change.

God calls those things that aren’t as if they already were. In His confession is creation. Thereby it becomes reality. So, His saying it makes it real. Isn’t that awesome? He has given this same ability to us because we have now been recreated in His image.

I would love to declare a National Words of our Mouth Day. On that day everyone would speak only positive, life giving words about any and every situation. For that one day we would all say aloud those things which we want to see come to pass. I would call you healed and prosperous and you would agree with me. It would be very easy to have the second National Words of our Mouth Day because people would be filled with expectation from the great success they saw in the first one. Expectation would make the second even more momentous. Maybe we could start tomorrow.