Word Seek

Psalm 132: 7

Let’s go into His dwelling place; let’s worship at His footstool.

I told you that I have been listening to the Lord speak to me about year 2021. I do not seek the Lord each year about what He has to say about the year. However, sometimes He speaks to me specifically about the year ahead. Last January He said to devote the year to prayer and to seek out Christians who would dedicate themselves to prayer. When I reached out to you with that message, I had no idea how prophetic the message was. Now we see. I suppose, ultimately, that is a message of faith. We are to take God’s messages at face value and obey. He does not intend to begin a game of 20 questions, nor do I find He plays that game well. So, we just listen and obey. The truth will be revealed.

In November of 2020, I began hearing the Father say, “Raise an army.” My immediate thought was that it was to be an army of prayer warriors. Before I could finish the thought, though, I heard Him distinctly negate that idea. Now, truth be told, any devoted Christian is a person of prayer. What then, is the difference, Father, in this call from last year’s? I have been listening and seeing nuances but have not been able to wrap English around it. In the devotional, Science Made Faith (1/12/21), I wrote that I believe part of the call of this year is seeking the Lord in the Word. Last year was about petitioning Him, about enlisting His help in what would turn out to be a catastrophic event. This year I believe He is calling us into devoting ourselves, and our time, to our relationship with Him.

This may be a stronger call from the Lord than last year. I don’t have the fullness of His message yet, but I know He want us to go to His dwelling place and worship as devoted believers. It’s not because He is an ego maniac and needs millions of adoring vassals. It is because something is released in the Spiritual Realm when we engage in heart felt worship. We may not know the fullness of this dynamic until we get to heaven but what we do know is that obedience is sufficient for us. It is enough that God is telling us something to do. We are not His equals that we get to question Him. And, at some level, both faith and love require us to unquestioningly obey.

I know some people have trouble with the word “obey” but here is what I would say to those people. There is freedom and liberty in obeying the Lord. He only calls us to do that which is good and healthy for us. It is the other guy who tries to imprison us. Therefore, I believe obedience to our Father always serves our self-interest. Let us worship. Let us seek the Lord. In seeking, we always find. And like the Easter eggs at an Easter egg hunt, there is a prize inside.