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Isaiah 30: 21            Index Card 15

And your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it.”

Well, today is the last index card but it really is a good one and certainly one which I have relied upon extensively. This is a promise from God and you can hold Him to it. First it means that we will hear God speak to us (See Word of the Day – Opened Ears, 3/24/16). That is a great promise all by itself but let’s not stop there. It also means that He will give me direction, He will guide me in the way I should go. God has opened our ears and is using the communication lines between us to show us the way (read all the puns into that you want). His voice guides us daily. If at any time we do not hear Him leading us then we have only to stop and recall this verse. Then we set our intention back to hearing His voice and there He is, still on the line talking.

Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit would be our guide (John 16: 13). He also revealed that the Holy Spirit would take whatever He hears and disclose it to us and believe it, the Holy Spirit keeps pretty good company. So, we really have it made. God the Father has promised to speak a word in our ears and Jesus commissioned the Holy Spirit to speak to us and guide us. Now we know the way.

Opened Ears

Isaiah 50: 5                    Index Card 8

The Lord God has opened my ear.

There is no prayer I have prayed more than, “Lord, let me hear you.” I was desperate to hear the Lord. I listened to ministers talking about what God told them and it really annoyed me. I couldn’t hear God speaking. So, when I found this verse I held on to it like a drowning person would cling to a life ring. This is my promise. I knew that anything God would do for Isaiah, He had to do for Ivey because “God shows no partiality” (Galatians 2: 6).

I actually chased God 2500 miles one year because I was sick and tired of not hearing His voice. If anyone else was hearing Him speak then I was going to hear Him too. I declared to God that I was going to get Him and by God, I did, or more accurately He got me. I heard Him, I saw the Holy Spirit, I had a prophetic dream, I had words of wisdom and words of knowledge all over the place. Now if I struggle at all in hearing God’s voice, I know I can hold this verse up to our beloved and He will open my ear again.