Earth Management 101

Psalm 89: 34

My covenant I will not violate, nor will I alter the utterance of My lips.

One of the questions, or comments which plagues us as Christians is, “Why did God let this happen?” People become dismayed over the misfortune in their lives and question why a kind and loving God would allow such devastation. It is a fair question and we need to have an answer. We tell people that God loves them and that He is all powerful so why does that not equate to His taking care of all the problems in the earth? The answer is that God will not go back on His word.

He gave the earth to us and He gave us both the authority and the responsibility to care for it and all its inhabitants, even the animals. We have done a pretty poor job of it. We have not managed our resources well but even more importantly, we are letting the devil and his minions run amuck here. We should take the authority God gave us, the victory Jesus won for us and the power of the Holy Spirit and lasso that dude and bind him forever. He has no real power of his own, only that which he robs from us.

This is a hard answer even though it is the truth. So often I find the problem staring back at me in the mirror in the morning. It is much nicer to blame someone else, anyone else. God isn’t going to rush down here and jump on the evening news to defend Himself. He is awaiting His agents to do that.

Each of us need to come to a fuller understanding of our power and authority in the Earth and then we need to act on it. As long as we sit in our easy chairs, Satan is going to keep making life as difficult for people as he can. We can make a difference in people’s lives once we know what we are able to do. God didn’t give us this earth so that we could go to church on Sunday, sing some nice songs and be done. He expects us to run it and care for it. We can learn to pray over people’s lives with the authority Father God gave us. And we should, because God is not going to violate His word to us. He will not break His covenant. You are a mighty warrior in Christ and an anointed care taker. You have power and authority from God Almighty. Now, go save the world.

Creative Genius

Genesis 1: 1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

There are many ways we relate to God. First and foremost, He is our Father. Of course, He is also the creator. All of creation came out of his love for us and desire to give us a home. One day we will all live eternally in heaven but we have a temporary home here.

God generously created this planet for us. It is tailor made for our physiology but also for our spirits. The marvels and beauty of the earth lift us and even enthrall us at times. Still, the most amazing and awe inspiring truth of all time is that the God who created this planet considers us His greatest creation. He made the earth not to be a tremendous work of art that would accrue to His credit but rather that it would be a blessing and a home for His beloved. The all-powerful creator just wanted to be a parent and He wanted to bless us with an environment that would do more than meet our needs. It is meant to provide the many joys we gain from its beauty as well as the resources we need to live.

God, the creator, knew the exact amount of gravity we could tolerate, the kind of atmosphere we need and even the gas mixture of the air we breathe. He created our bodies and matched a planet to our needs. He also knew the depth and breadth of our spirits, that simply meeting our physical needs would not satisfy all of who we are. A mountain stream, or a simple tree gives breath to our spirits and the Father enjoys our awe with us. He dwells in us and with us and loves seeing through our eyes and through our hearts.

Seeing this earth with all its wonder is a testimony of God’s great love for us. He crafted a whole planet just for us. Who has ever dreamed that big? How big is the blessing of God? As big as the whole planet! In truth, I am sure we will find it is as great as the universe. Perhaps He is making us another planet right now. Your Father is the creator of the entire universe. How does it get any better than that?