Happily Employed

Psalm 145: 14

The Lord sustains all who fall, and raises up all who are bowed down.

Everyone stumbles sometime. Maybe it is sheer fatigue that gets you or maybe it is an overwhelming problem. No matter, though, because God is always there to lift you back up. He provides for you while you recover. Even if you are bowed down with the weight of challenges or the number of things you have to do, He is ever present to sustain you and lift you up. Lean on Him and be very aware of His presence with you. Allow yourself to rely on His support. You don’t have to be independent and self-sufficient. That is just ego talking. He is a good father just wanting to help you. Give Him whatever is weighing you down and let Him be your God. It is His job to sustain you and lift you up. Don’t make him unemployed by trying to do it for yourself. Keep God employed.