Do Good

1 Timothy 6: 18

Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share.

I have noticed that sometimes when you speak with people about their faith, they respond that they try to be a “good” person and treat others fairly. It is commendable that people are trying to be good but, that is not Christianity. Christianity is not an ethic.

Christianity is more than an ethic. Just trying to be a good person does not make you a Christian. One might use Christian ethics as a personal morality code, but that does not make us Christians. Christianity is a relationship with the Christ and through him, with the Father and the Spirit. At the heart of Christianity is ethical and kind behavior but the core of Christianity is devotion and submission to Jesus who is the Christ. We are devotees of Christ, the Son of Yahweh God. Those who devote their lives to being followers of the Christ should demonstrate ethical behavior. Their lives should demonstrate kindness and generosity. However, kindness and generosity do not make one a Christian anymore than, like Joyce Meyer says, sitting in a garage makes you a car.

There are many ethical codes in the world. They are designed to help us behave as honorable people. They help us to regulate our interactions with other people as we attempt to answer the question, “What is right?” Non-Christians and even people who serve no God attempt to live their lives by a code of morals. Ethics are part of human development and civilization. They are an important part of civilized society. They are not, however, the answer to a life of divine connection.

Christ is the epicenter of Christianity. Our aim should be to follow him and serve him. Thank the Lord that he forgives us when we fail to behave in a way which is becoming to him, but it is not the adherence to a Christian Ethos that makes us Christians. Christianity is us dying to self and living to Christ. Christianity is a life lived with Christ. When we wrap ourselves around Jesus, good behavior ensues. His light shining through us will always rise to the highest level of moral conduct. Ethical conduct is a by-product of walking with Christ. Therefore, we shouldn’t “try” to live a good life. We should live intertwined with the Christ and let our lives be a testament to his goodness rather than our own.