The River of God

Ezekiel 47: 9             NIV

So where the river flows everything will live.

First, let me say that this little snippet from Ezekiel 47 does the chapter, and you, a disservice. I really do think you will enjoy reading the beginning of the chapter down through at least verse nine. As you read through this story you will discover that the river of God brings health and healing to everything it touches. What an awesome reality!

When I read about water in the Bible, I always relate it right back to the Holy Spirit. In John 7: 38 – 39 Jesus told us that the river of “Living Water” is the Holy Spirit. Further, he taught that river could flow right from within us. It is actually a huge revelation, but one that has gone a bit unnoticed. Let’s be clear, though, if you believe Jesus, believe his words and teachings, then you have this river of living water flowing within you. That river brings healing. When we cooperate with Jesus and the Spirit then we, literally, have living water flowing through our veins and that flow is ministering healing to every cell it touches. Think of that! Does it bring you hope?

Everything Jesus is and has done works together for our good. You believe that, don’t you? I think we all do. How, though, do we get his goodness to work for us? When we look at the world around us, it is hard to believe. When you watch the evening news, it becomes really hard to believe. What we need is more of the “Good News,” that is, more of the Bible. Most of us read and watch more of the world news than the Word news and that is tough on our spirits. It beats us down. The Word builds us up.

If you haven’t done anything with these Bible verses up until now, maybe today offers a fresh opportunity to think about writing them out on your own piece of paper or creating a deck of 3 X 5 cards.

There is a river of life, and it heals and blesses everything it touches. Jump in it. Dangle your feet in the water. Let’s get immersed and in immersion find healing and blessing. Let the river of life, the river of God, flow over you and anoint you with Christ’s goodness. Amen.