Sure Steps

Psalm 17: 4 – 5                  Passion

Following your word has kept me from wrong.
Your ways have molded my footsteps, keeping me
from going down the forbidden paths of the destroyer.

5 My steps follow in the tracks of your chariot wheels,
always staying in their path,
never straying from your way.

We are Word people, are we not? If not, then we need to make a decision, today, that we will become those who follow the Word of God because the Word guides us and protects us. David told us in Psalm 12 that every word God speaks is sure and true. Here he reveals that abiding in God’s words is a refuge and a guide. Following God’s teachings kept David’s foot on the path of success and safety because His words are always sure and true.

It is reasonable to suppose, that when we follow in God’s footsteps, or in this case the tracks of His chariot wheels, then we are going to avoid the snare of the destroyer, keeping ourselves out of harm’s way and trouble. God’s Word keeps us in the Father’s ways instead of the ways of destruction.

This is not just about wickedness and sin. That is likely what many hear. The bigger picture is God’s way is sure. There is safety in His way and His way is His Word. Jesus said, “I am the way,” (John 14: 6). John 1: 1 reveals Jesus as the Word. Therefore, to follow Jesus, to follow in the way is to follow the Word. Nothing else will do.

If you want to keep yourself from trouble, let the Word mold your steps. There is one other thing you can do as well. Verse 3 reads, “I have purposed that my mouth will not transgress.” It you want to prevent yourself from going down the forbidden paths and out of the mouth of the devourer, then you will also want to make the Words of your mouth follow God’s Word. Most of us trip over our tongues. Keeping ourselves safe, protected and prosperous is accomplished by keeping ourselves in God’s Word and His Word in our mouths. He is our shield and refuge, but it is we who must don his protection by abiding in His Words. Following in His footsteps is as easy as following His words.

Follow the Leader

2 Chronicles 31: 21

And every work which he began in the service of the house of God in law and in commandment, seeking his God, he did with all his heart and prospered.

This verse is about a fellow named Hezekiah. Hezekiah taught me how to follow the Lord. I remember clearly the day in 2005 when the Lord gave me this verse. It radically transformed my life and I hope it will have the same effect for you. I saw in this verse my way through the maze of all of the things I thought I should do. I gained an understanding of how I would make important decisions in my life. This verse was part of an epoch journey that has led, and is leading me, into a deep, abiding trust in the Lord; a trust that is freeing and optimistic.

The Lord showed me that if I would seek Him, He would show me the way to go. Even if, or when, the path looks danger fraught or even just silly, He taught me that I could trust Him. He taught me to throw my whole heart into whatever He has shown me. It has been difficult putting aside my reservations but therein lies the freedom.

Whatever God is telling you to do, throw your whole heart into it and trust Him to work out the details. It is His job to prosper you, not yours. Your job is to follow His leading and trust Him. Your job is to seek Him. The rest is on Him. Once you are sure of the way the Lord is leading you, toss your worry aside and put your whole heart into that which He is leading you, even if it makes no sense. He knows what he is doing. Really! Trust Him with all your heart.