The Blessing at Work

Genesis 39: 4 – 5

Joseph naturally became quite a favorite with him. Potiphar soon put Joseph in charge of his entire household and entrusted him with all his business dealings. From the day Joseph was put in charge the Lord began to bless Potiphar for Joseph’s sake. All his household affairs began to run smoothly, and his crops and livestock flourished.

We saw, yesterday, how the blessing, which was on Joseph, prospered Potiphar. In fact, that blessing saved Egypt through the famine and eventually Joseph’s family in Canaan. The same story plays out in Jacob’s service to his uncle, Laban. Laban’s household prospered because the blessing was on Jacob (Genesis 30: 27). Laban’s flocks and herds increased because the blessing of God was on Jacob who served Laban.

The same thing is happening today. Businesses, even ungodly businesses, are enjoying growth and blessing because of one employee whose life is dedicated to God. You may be that worker. Maybe you wonder why you are stuck in a place that isn’t very godly. The answer may well be that you are Joseph. But for you, the business would suffer and perhaps even fail.

Everywhere you go, the blessing follows you and you should expect it to. Wherever you work should prosper just because you are there. If you are suffering where you are, pray to the Lord, but instead of asking him to remove you, ask Him what you can do to be a blessing. Ask Him if you are in the right place. If the answer is yes, then serve that business as if you work for the Lord, because you do. Joseph certainly spent some unpleasant days but, in the end, he reigned in Egypt. Only Pharoah had more influence than he. Keep your eyes on the Lord and let the blessing do its work.