Walking and Talking

John 3: 34

For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God; for He gives the Spirit without measure.

John the Baptist was the speaker of this passage. He was talking about Jesus, letting all know that Jesus speaks the words of God. There is comfort in that, is there not? We saw yesterday that Yahweh described His word as like fire and a hammer strong enough to crush stone. Now we find that Jesus did not come speaking his own words but rather the words of God, the words of great power and strength. John the Baptist also said that what Jesus saw and heard from God is what he subsequently shared with us.

That is only half of the good news of this verse though. John also reveals that God gives the Spirit without measure. That means that God does not dose out the Holy Spirit. He gives the fullness of the Spirit. Each one of us is entitled to the full measure, 100% of the Holy Spirit. All of who God is and all He has said is embodied in the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit knows every word God has ever spoken and he has witnessed all of the glory, miracles and workings of the Father. Of course, Jesus came speaking the words of God because the Father gave him the Spirit without measure just as He gives also to us. Does that mean that we can walk as Jesus did? I think it does. We have to get the revelation that Jesus had though. Jesus believed the words of God to such a degree that they manifested everywhere he went.

Jesus walked in perfect union with the Holy Spirit. He knew the mind of God because he woke up with the Spirit every morning and walked and talked with him all day. We can do that too and I think this would make a great goal for each of us for 2017.