2 Samuel 22: 34

He makes my feet like hinds’ feet, and sets me on my high places.

I have always liked this verse. It reminds me of a book someone gave me when I was a teenager, Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. I am not sure I ever understood this verse though. This morning the words, “He makes my feet like hind’s feet” came to my mind and then I thought, “Why? Why does He make our feet like the feet of a hind?”

A hind is a female deer normally referring to the red deer. They live often in mountainous areas and are known for their ability to navigate the high terrain. They are able to move over the rocks with speed and grace. Watching them move, you wouldn’t even guess that the way is rough.

That really speaks to why God gives us hind’s feet. The answer that came to my mind this morning as I contemplated the analogy was that we are meant to live on the high places. Of course, the second part of the verse clearly indicates that Father sets us on the high ground. One insight that comes to me is that this is another example of how the Father equips us. No matter where He puts us, He always equips us with what we need in order to make the journey smooth.

The Bible uses this language in three places: today’s verse of course (2 Samuel 22: 34), Psalm 18: 33 and Habakkuk 3: 19. I appreciate a further insight we glean from Habakkuk, “The Lord God is my strength, and He has made my feet like hinds’ feet, and makes me walk on my high places.” The addition of the admission that the Lord God is our strength gives us confidence that we can, in fact, scale the heights. He sets us on high but not on our own. He empowers us, gives us strength and sure footing. He leads our steps so that we do not slip. Whatever He calls us to do, we can do as long as we are with Him. All things are possible with God (Mark 10: 27) though I do not like my chances very much without Him.

I believe our Father wants to lead us to mountaintops. I think He wants us to enjoy the view from the top. I cannot arrive there on my own though. Even if we could manage to get to the top, would we find the footing too difficult to maintain our position with ease? Knowing, however, that Father will set us on the top of the hill and give us feet purposely made for traversing that terrain takes the worry and concern from us. Our job is to enter into His rest; to live in Him. The rest, He takes care of. So, today, ponder what God the Father is saying to you through this verse. What does He want your heart to hear? I think He wants to take you higher.


1 Samuel 30: 6

But David strengthened himself in the Lord.

Well, the work week is half-way through and some of us may be finding our energy lagging a bit. Perhaps there have been a few battles in the early part of the week. Certainly David fought battles and found himself weary. He knew how to restore himself though. He found his strength in the Lord.

I love this from Habakkuk, “The Lord God is my strength, and He has made my feet like hinds feet, and makes me walk on my high places” (Habakkuk 3: 19). A hind is a female deer, especially the red deer. They are known for being able to scale the high places, i.e. mountains. There is no rugged, jagged terrain they cannot surmount. If you have ever seen them scampering along a cliff you know how amazingly surefooted they are. Our Father has made us able to navigate the high places too. He also gives us the strength to attain the highest peaks.

The Lord God is our strength Habakkuk reminds us, but once we are fully convinced by Habakkuk, the key for us is found in David’s example. It is not sufficient knowing that the Lord, our God is our strength if we never avail ourselves of His gift. David turned “strength” into a verb. He “strengthened” himself in the Lord. That means David did something proactive in order to receive God’s strength. Receiving is an active process. I think about a wide receiver in football. He has a big job to do in order to receive a pass. Well, God has provided for us but unlike the manna, all these things are not going to rain down on us. We have to turn our attention to Yahweh and receive what He has made available. It does no good to have provision delivered to your front stoop if you never go out and get the boxes.

I pray you, receive God’s strength today. Receive His refreshing. Let Him fill you with all sustenance.