Angels with Fire

Hebrews 1: 7              New Living Translation

Regarding the angels, he says, “He sends his angels like the winds, his servants like flames of fire.”

This is the vision the Lord gave me regarding Covid-19. And I need to thank my friend, Chris, who came up with this verse after reading this in the Prayer Request email which is part of Ivey Ministry’s Prayer ministry.


This virus is being propelled across the country via a highway of fear. We need to stand together and stand against this menace.

While I was praying about it this morning, the Lord showed me a picture that I need to share with you. First, He led me to pray this, “Father, send out your angels with fire throwers to kill this virus.” Immediately a picture formed in my mind of all kinds of spiritual beings wielding flame throwers. God taught me that the flame does not hurt humans so the angels can actually use the flame throwers on people. The flame is the fire of the Holy Spirit and Father said that the fire of the Holy Spirit cleanses and heals.

Yahweh has legions of spiritual warriors which can canvas the entire world in moments. This need not take days and days. Hold this picture in your mind and pray. If you know how to pray in tongues, then you can hold onto this image and let the Spirit pray through you. I found myself praying in tongues in yoga. I am sure that was inspired prayer.

Stand with me. Be loud. Be obnoxious. This is our planet and our brothers and sisters. We have authority to command things to be as they should be which means in accordance with God’s grace and love.

Coronavirus, I command you to be gone, eradicated in the name of Jesus!


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Blessings upon the praying faithful!