It’s Time for Christmas

Isaiah 19: 20

And it will become a sign and a witness to the Lord of armies in the land of Egypt; for they will cry out to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will save them.

We have entered the period of Advent. It begins the fourth Sunday preceding Christmas Day. This year that was November 29th. The Advent is the preparation period when Christians ponder the miracle birth of the Savior as well as anticipate Jesus’ triumphant return in the second coming.

I have felt that I should do more than one Christmas message this year. Perhaps something more in line with the concept of the Advent. This year has held tremendous challenge and we certainly need a little bit of Christmas right now, as the song goes. Truly, I think we need a whole bunch of Christmas beginning right now.

Monday I spent several hours outside putting up Christmas decorations. The weather was a balmy 41 degrees and overcast but I was rewarded with several moments of the sun breaking through the cloud cover. It seemed like a personal bestowment of God’s benevolence and I reveled in it.

Some southerners might not have enjoyed being outside for hours in coolish temperatures but to our northern friends it might sound kind of nice. The point is, the day was to be what I made of it and I chose to look at putting up decorations as play rather than as work. Second, I have warm clothes and all it took was a polar fleece shirt and a hat to feel toasty. However, the coup de grace was my music, which dealt the death blow to any humbug sentiments. I had my iPod playing one Christmas album after another. The bad news for my neighbors was that it was blue toothed to a headset so that as I sang along, I didn’t have to hear me and so, could sing as freely and loudly as I wished. I had a grand time.

My spirit got a much needed lift singing songs to my Father about the miracle gift of Jesus. As I listened to the lyrics of some of those ancient hymns, my faith was fed and renewed. I was transported to a little town in Israel where a baby was born who would be the life of my soul. I am glad I was born after that great event and thus, get to celebrate Jesus’ birth. I am grateful he came to rescue us.

I hope you are already in the Christmas Spirit but perhaps this message will give you a little boost this Christmas Season; that it will lift your heart and help you ponder both the savior’s birth and his promised return. I am sending you warm Christmas wishes. May music and joy infiltrate your abode and may your heart continually bask in the glow of Christ.