Let’s Live

Isaiah 49: 28

All flesh will know that I, the Lord, am your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

This verse, more than any other, defines the ambition of my ministry. I strongly desire the church of the Lord Jesus to be so strong and successful, living in the miracles and victory of our blessed Lord that all nations, all people will look upon us and know that we are the children of the Mighty One.  Everywhere we go, our lives, words and countenance should reflect the glory that is our Lord.

Too often the lives of Christians demonstrate lack and defeat.  I remember when I was young, believing in Jesus and his resurrection, but wanting little to do with most Christians I met. Then I moved to San Diego and there I met people who loved the Lord with all their heart but who did not seem to be dragged down by a ministry of poverty. They were happy, successful and as they talked about the Lord, their zeal could not be contained.  It blessed me right down to my socks and I went on a hunt for what they knew that I did not.  I challenged their premises and they showed me Jesus.  I became a student of the Bible because I wanted what they had.  I have never looked back and I am grateful, to this day, for the men and women who had the courage to live their convictions.  I saw miracles happen.  I even saw miracles occur when I prayed.  I want that back.

I don’t know what has happened but I see less of the miracle working power in my life and in my associations these days.  So, this I resolve. I will be the instigator.  I will shake up my own life and challenge myself to live what I believe.  I will challenge God, if I must, to show me how to part seas or walk on them.  Every miracle that has ever happened is as viable today as ever because God has not, and will not, change. He is just looking for someone who will believe Him.  Moses believed Him and led an entire nation into liberty.  What can we do if we will band together in radical belief and radical trust?

Will you reach out to me and let me know that mine is not a solitary voice in the wilderness? It is as simple as replying to this email or posting to the site. Are you, likewise, sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you believe that your Lord means better for you than what you are currently living? Does He want to touch your body and instill health? Strength?  What can the Lord do in our lives if we will, with humble and honest hearts, lay aside all that has kept us bound and throw ourselves fully into His arms?

We have a right and, dare I say, even a duty to live up to the victorious, overcoming, overflowing life which Jesus poured out for us.  The world is lost.  People are dying without ever meeting the beautiful Jesus. With all that is within me I implore you to reach beyond where you are and grasp all that Jesus offers.  We can all live higher in the light of his glory. It’s not all just about us, though. It is about the witness each of us will be in the earth. The world will look at Christians and say, as I did all those years ago, “I want what they have.”  We can absolutely demonstrate to the whole world that our God, our Father, is great, mighty and a lover of all people. Let this be our rallying point!  Let’s live; let’s live as Jesus meant us to.  In his blessed name, Amen.