No Answer

Isaiah 50: 2

Why was there no man when I came? When I called, why was there none to answer? Is My hand so short that it cannot ransom? Or have I no power to deliver?

I can tell you why there was no one to answer when God called. We were not listening. Though God has opened our ears, many of us have lost the ability to hear His voice.

This verse suggests that one of the reasons people have stopped listening for God to speak is unbelief in God’s ability to help our very present situations. One does not call out to Him when there is not sustainable belief in His ability or willingness to improve the condition. “Is My hand too short,” He asks. Is there no one who believes in His saving power and is that why we have turned a deaf ear to His call?

Yahweh God really is looking for people to walk and talk with. Through Jesus we have been restored to our ordained Eden status. We can walk and talk with God as Adam did, but when God showed up in the garden to talk with us, no one was there. When He called out, no one answered.

If this does not grieve your heart, you will understand why it is hard to hear Him. It is not only you. Most of us have become desensitized to His voice and our hearts have formed scar tissue which prevents us from feeling His grief. Subsequently, that fibrous layer of scar tissue hardens our heart and even makes it difficult to hear Him speak.

God is calling to you right now. He is calling to us all. This is not a generalized statement. He really is calling out to you, specifically you. He wants to be your best friend and I do mean that literally. How do you soften your heart? How do you allow your ears to hear? We must allow ourselves to feel. We need to learn to approach God in prayer seeking His heart and His emotions. From there, the next thing we can do is to meditate on the Word about deliverance. We need to read the scriptures until we find stories that speak to our hearts and then meditate on them. Also, read them over and over again. Don’t let them out of your eyes. This will help you to build trust.

Third, start a trust project. Identify something small that you can give to God, some project you can trust Him with. Then give it to Him and let go. You can check in with Him each day and see if there is anything He wants you to do. When you are successful trusting Him through something small, your trust will grow. Now adopt a bigger project. Keep going until you are a faith giant.

God is calling you. Answer Him. Open the ears of your spirit to His voice and make a new best friend.

Ransom Me

Isaiah 50: 2

Is My hand so short it cannot ransom? Or have I no power to deliver?

Don’t you love the passages where God just comes right out and speaks. In this verse He doesn’t just speak through the prophet Isaiah, He just shouts out His thoughts. It must be an important, emphatic message.

As we consider the words of this verse we may contemplate a wide range of situations in which this would be God’s communique to us. What is He saying here? Does something shout to you? What are you involved in right now that you would love to have God deliver you from? What is there in your life, right now, that if you spoke to God face to face you would say, “Father, rescue me from this and just take care of it for me?” Think about that situation and hear the Father ask you, “Is My hand so short it cannot ransom?” Immediately you think, “No, you are able to reach me.”

The point is that God wants us to think of Him in all the uncomfortable and even miserable life situations that occur. So often we do not even consider Him as our redeemer and our help. He is left in the background of our lives when He wants to be an integral part. Even on Sunday, we forget to talk to Him about that circumstance that is causing us stress and even robbing us of sleep.

God is saying to each of us today, “I have the power to deliver you.” No matter what the situation you are facing involves, He is well able to help you and I can promise you He is also willing. If God could have His way, we would live stress free lives. Sure, there is trouble in this world but Jesus said that is the very reason he was sending us the Holy Spirit whom he called “the helper.” These heavy burdens are not for us. They are for the three persons of the Trinity. Give them a call today. They want to hear from you.