No Weapon!

Isaiah 54:17

“No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.”

I journaled this verse recently and learned quite a bit from what the Lord revealed to me. What this verse gives us, God says, is our heritage. We are entitled to His vindication and victory. Here is what God said to me about this verse. I hope you enjoy it.

Father, what would you say to me about this verse?

“People tend to limit this verse. They rarely address the second part at all. Even the first phrase gets limited in the minds of many. Some will read this verse and only think about human foes. Others think I was only referring to the weapons of Satan. All weapons of destruction are ultimately tools of Satan. He is the destroyer. It is he who desires to kill, steal and destroy life, liberty and joy. So, concern not yourself with who made the weapon.

Next, recognize that all weapons which are formed against you shall fail. It does not matter who or what made the weapon. It matters not how it was formed or when. Regardless of the weapon or its fabricator, there is no weapon which will prosper against you. Anything which destroys, steals or kills is a weapon of destruction. People concern themselves too much with who is wielding the weapon and lose sight of the fact that it is a destructive force. My children should recognize the weapon and speak against that. Don’t worry about whether it is a tool of Satan or a construct by another person. Ultimately, it must bow to my authority in you. You speak to the destructive force whether it be a virus, a storm, a person or even an organization.

Take notice that my children are to raise their voices and condemn the weapon. That includes, but is not limited to, tongues which accuse you. These two phrases are combined in the same sentence because they are speaking to the same issue. They should not be considered two separate thoughts but rather two comments speaking to the same point.

Children, listen to My instruction. Speak to the mountain. Speak in faith and in the authority which I have invested in you and the mountain must move. Don’t beg me to do something. I have. I have given you authority to remove the mountain into the sea. Know of my abiding presence within you. Connect with the power I already put in you and speak to the destructive weapon. Tell it to go into the sea, or into the fire and be destroyed in the name of Jesus. You have the authority to tell it what to do and it must obey. Hear me and move in faith.”

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