Class Notes

John 13: 17

If you know these things, you are blessed if you do them.

How audacious of the Lord to tell us that knowing the things of God, even the things that he taught does not render blessing unto us. Jesus says we are only blessed when we do them. That is a little frightening, isn’t it? The most knowledgeable Biblical scholar in the world can live outside the blessing if he does not apply what he knows. Jesus was giving us words to live by rather than words to study and know. The Bible really is a how to manual. It isn’t just a collection of arbitrary rules. Think of it this way – imagine that Jesus gave a three day seminar on “Living the Successful and Blessed Life.” Can you imagine the copious notes you would take if you got to attend that seminar. Well, the Bible is the product of taking everyone’s notes and compiling them into one volume. Right there in your hand you have John’s class notes. Wow!

Here is the point that Jesus is making though; attending the seminar does you no good if you don’t take the information and apply it to your everyday life. You may have the best set of notes in the class, perhaps you even go home and rewrite them and organize them on your computer. That is awesome. You are a great student but it is the application of that knowledge that will make you successful in life rather than just in your studies. You are way ahead of those who don’t take notes, i.e. don’t read the Bible but that study should only be the precursor of the more important step – doing what you glean from your studies. You must begin with the knowledge. That is what Jesus says but after that comes the practicum. Apply what you have learned. 

What does Jesus tell us to do? Remember that the entire Bible is the Word of Jesus. When he tells us to meditate on the scriptures, are we doing it? When he tells us to love one another, then that is part of the pathway to excellence in our own lives. Live Jesus’ words. Therein lies the victory.