No Worries!

John 14: 1

Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me.

Is your heart troubled about something? Maybe it is something personal or maybe it is something more universal like the economy or crime levels. In any event, Jesus encourages us to give our concerns to him rather than let ourselves be tormented. He invites us to exercise our trust in Him and God to assuage our concerns and worries. When you have that unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach because something is troubling you, stop and lean on Jesus. There is such a plea in Jesus’ voice in this passage. It sounds like a longing to take away our suffering; to take it on Himself so that we may be at peace. He is saying to us that if we will believe in God, really believe in God and also believe in Him, that we might be spared the anguish that otherwise affects people. Stop and take an inventory of your emotions. Are you worrying? Are you troubled? Use a few moments to roll the care of that issue or issues over to God and let He and Jesus carry the load for you today.