Lucky Me!

Proverb 10: 22

It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich.

I have a friend who constantly talks about luck. She also remarks about how lucky I am. I am not lucky. I am blessed and there is a big difference. Sometimes it is frustrating hearing her talk about luck. I keep hoping she will get a revelation that this is what it means to be “blessed of the Lord.” Too right great things happen for me! It isn’t because of me, and it isn’t because I am lucky. It is because we have an awesome Father who sent His blessing into the earth to hunt us down and shower us with His goodness.

Some of you have seen posts about my bike team. I have said many times, “We are the most blessed of all bike teams,” and I mean it. If you could live in my shoes and see how our sponsors have blessed us, you would understand. We have the most fabulous sponsors, and they are terrific not because we have done anything to earn their kindness but because they have the love and joy of the Lord in their hearts. They just bless us because of Jesus. Man, it is totally awesome. And now, we just won a drawing from a local business. They are giving us 50 mini-Bundt cakes for our team tent! Wow! Lucky? I don’t think so. That is the blessing again. It is chasing us down in the street piling God’s love on us. There were over 2000 entries. Some teams had over 200 entries. We had only 60, but we won. It isn’t about statistics. It’s about the blessing.

It is the blessing of the Lord which is at work. The blessing of the Lord makes rich! My friends and family raised $3000 for MS. Are you kidding me with this? That is not luck. That is the blessing at work and all of you who donated, you have your part in the blessing. I just love seeing how the pieces fit together and how the Father is at work wrapping us all up in His blessing. You see, that was His financial plan all along. This is how Kingdom finances work. We keep moving in Him and He generates the flow.

I am not lucky, but I must be one of the most blessed people on the planet. I am overwhelmed by the goodness of our team sponsors, all of you who donated and all the kindnesses which keeps flowing to me and towards our team. I pray that our beloved Father continues to show Himself and the effect of the blessing on each and every one of you so that your unenlightened friends call you the luckiest person they know. May the blessing overtake you.

Lucky or Blessed?

Deuteronomy 28: 12

The LORD will . . . bless all the work of your hand.

As many of you know, last year at the MS Bike ride, I won a bicycle. It was very exciting. At a different event I won a Jersey shadow box. Recently there was a drawing in an exercise class and, yep, I won. Yea!

People have been saying I should go to Las Vegas. Others said, “We need to get in the car right now and go buy a lottery ticket.” Truthfully, I love winning. It is exciting and fun, but I still don’t feel lucky and I didn’t go buy a lottery ticket.

I believe my good fortune comes from my Father. I don’t mean to intimate that he causes me to win a raffle over someone else that He loves. It’s just the blessing that He is and that is in operation because of him. The more I am into Him, the more that blessing seems to get on me.

Father really does help me with a lot of things. Sometimes I am lucky in games, but I think the truth is that my Dad helps me. Perhaps, I can hear Him and feel His nudges a little better these days.

I don’t feel lucky, but I will say, I am one of the most blessed people I know. I have good fortune, no doubt, but my fortune has a name, Yahweh. He is my good luck and my blessing. I just need to press into Him more so that more of Him gets on me. Then it is hard to go wrong. I love the Lord and He is good to me. He loves you too. That is not Las Vegas kind of love. It is infinite love so press into it and see the blessing flowing all around you. You are blessed!