Stirred, not Shaken

Psalm 125: 1

Those who trust the Lord are like Mount Zion, which can never be shaken. It remains firm forever.

We need to hear this today. It is a good dose of encouragement and reinforcement. As we keep our trust in the Lord, we cannot be shaken. We shall remain firm forever. Does that encourage your heart today?

Trusting in God means we remind ourselves of what He has said instead of casually letting thoughts run through our minds. It also means correcting our thinking. If your mind (or mouth) says something which is not inline with the Word of God, you can arrest it instantaneously and replace it with the language of God. For example, “I feel sick.” That may be true but what does the Word say. It says you are healed so you change your thinking and put your trust in God and His word. So now it sounds like this, “I may feel sick, but God sent His Word and healed me and by His stripes, I am healed.” You can always articulate that trust too. “I don’t feel well but I trust the Lord will restore me to full health. I trust His healing power is at work in my body right now!”

Of course, this is applicable in every aspect of life, not just our health. When beset by worry or frustration, you can shift gears and get back onto the trust train. Picture Yahweh on His throne or with His hand on the wheel. What visualization reminds you that you have not been abandoned or forgotten? Get that image fixed in your mind and call it up whenever your trust seems to be slipping. Remind yourself about God’s great love and power and stand firm in His grace. Then you will be like Mount Zion. You will not be shaken.