Be Blessed

Numbers 24: 9

His people lie down and rest like a lion. They are like a lioness. Who dares to disturb them? Those who bless you will be blessed! Those who curse you will be cursed!”

God is in the blessing business. Yesterday you probably spent some time blessing and thanking Him. You can never out bless God, though, so today He is sending a blessing back your way. And, anyone you bless will be blessed. Again, the blessing will return to you. Anyone who blesses you, shall be blessed. This is the way God’s kingdom operates. Blessing is the currency of the Kingdom.

It may sound trite when someone says, “Be blessed,” or “God bless you,” but in reality, those are powerful words when they are accompanied by intention. Each of us has the power, and the authority, to speak blessing into the earth and into the lives of others. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that we have the power to speak the curse into the environment too. So, we guard our mouths that we do not inadvertently, and certainly not intentionally speak cursing. Instead, we can open our hearts and spirits and, literally, pour out blessing into the surrounding atmosphere. You have power to bless. Your spirit is so powerful that you can send blessing out to others even as you walk through the grocery store. Wherever you go, so goes the blessing of God.

I bless you in the name of Jesus. I speak your life and spirit full of the blessing of God. Now, go forth in the power and majesty of our Lord and spread the bounty of who he is in you. Be blessed!