Mighty God

Isaiah 49: 26

And I will feed your oppressors with the own flesh, and they will become drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine; and all flesh will know that I, the Lord, am your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

God ain’t foolin’ around! Here is the question, which side of this verse do you want to be on. Are you the one to whom the Lord is speaking or are you the oppressor to whom He will feed their own flesh? This is some strong language and God meant for it to be so. He is upholding His beloved. However, might it be that even some of those who attack you are the so called “chosen?” If we are set upon by other Christians, where does God draw the line?

As you sow, so shall you reap. We get to choose which side of this verse we stand on. If we attack our brethren, if we criticize and disparage them, then we have taken on the name “oppressor” and great will be our agony. Do not think that because we are Christians we are exempt from the fruit of our labor or of our mouths. We are not. That is why Jesus emphasized the Parable of the Sower saying that if one cannot understand this principle then he will not understand any of the parables (Mark 4: 13). Whatever you sow, you will reap. God has given us this principle for our good so that we can plant good seed and harvest a great crop. However, the principle of the seed works whether the seed is good or bad. If you sow discord, you will reap a harvest of that seed and it is probably a crop you do not want.

We are a torn and broken people but God can heal us and heal our land. He will stand for those who stand for Him, His Word and His ways. He will show Himself on behalf of those who call on His name. He will defend His own. All flesh, or all people, will be able to see for themselves who is truly of the household of faith. If you have been attacked, fear not. God is going to show out so profoundly on your behalf that all will see and know that Jehovah God is your Lord, Savior and Redeemer. Those who have gossiped about you will be as nothing and shall fade.

If you have been guilty of unkind words or bad acts against your Christian siblings, there is forgiveness for that. Jesus is the way. Repent. Put yourself under the cleansing blood of Jesus. Turn and go a new way, the way of rightness. The Mighty One of Jacob shall receive you into His arms.

Free Indeed

Galatians 5: 1

It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.

The spirit of Christ has set us free from every type of bondage. Is it possible that you are in bondage to something? Fear, a bad habit, anger? Is there something that keeps you down? Well, Jesus is the good news of the gospel! His accomplishments on this earth and beyond have now provided everything you need in order to be free of every kind of torment. When Jesus purchased our freedom, he meant that we might be free from every sort of bondage. The price He paid was complete and so, too, should be your freedom. If there is anything that dominates you, pray to the Lord about it. Tell Him that you give it to Him and that you receive your freedom. Then, never be subjected again to the yoke of slavery. Shake it off. Every time that same old thing tries to get you down, claim your victory in Christ Jesus and call upon Him for your continued salvation from that torment.

Praise in Place of Fear

Isaiah 9: 2 – 4

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them. Thou shalt multiply the nation, thou shalt increase their gladness; they will be glad in Thy presence as with the gladness of harvest, as men rejoice when they divide spoil. For Thou shalt break the yoke of their burden and the staff on their shoulders, the rod of their oppressor as at the battle of Midian.

Many people look upon the last days as days of darkness and they are afraid. Well, in truth, there will be great darkness and even now that is the case but the light prevails. I have read the end of the book as have you. We know how the story ends. Although there is great darkness in the world the light is even greater. Where darkness touches the earth, the light shall increase and shall disperse the dark for there cannot be darkness in the light. Do not fear days of darkness. Jesus is the light and He reigns!

Think of Paul walking on the Damascus road. Now there was a fellow who walked in darkness but behold, a great light came upon him and he was saved. There will be glory and praise in the lands of darkness because when the light comes there is no greater joy experienced by mankind. 

These people are under a yoke of deception and oppression but Jesus came to set all people free. There is liberty in Jesus and he is going to break the yoke off of their shoulders. Even today, people are getting set free all over the world even in dark countries.

We have a part in this great prophecy. First, we must not fear the dark. We should glory in the light rather than fear the dark. It is all about where our eyes are trained. If we are in fear rather than faith it simply means that we are looking at the wrong thing. Take your eyes off of the darkness and put them on the Son of light. Then your gladness will increase as the noonday sun. Secondly, pray for all peoples in all lands. There is great deception at work but the Son is the light and the truth. Where he is there can be no darkness and he breaks off the chains of lies. Third, there is great cause for celebration and praise. Glory in the Father of light. Shout His name and sing His praises for He is good and He has caused truth and light to be revealed in this earth. Glory to the Father!