To the Winners

2 Corinthians 10: 5

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

It is one thing to familiarize oneself with the scriptures, but quite another to find its application in everyday life. So easy, it is, to agree with the theology of today’s scripture but quite a different matter to live it when we walk away from our prayer closet. Recently our Father showed me how this isn’t just a nice piece of theology, but rather something He wanted me, and indeed all of us, to learn how to use in our daily walk.

First, though, look again at the scripture and see that we are to take our every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. What does that even mean? The God’s Word translation reads, “We take every thought captive so that it is obedient to Christ.” In other words, our every thought is to be shaped so that it is obedient to Christ. That means that it must be obedient to his Word and to what he has told us about our lives.

Beautifully, Father gave me a real life example to guide me. A little background first. I have begun a training program. Every day is specifically designed, even down to rest days. It began easily enough, 30 minutes riding while keeping my heart rate low rather than riding hard or fast. Okay, simple enough but honestly, a little boring. It was so short and so easy that I found myself saying, why even put on workout clothes for this? So, what I want you to see is that right from the beginning, my mind, my thoughts, were a challenge. The exercise schedule progressed until and within a few weeks the program called for 90 minutes on the bike, going easy. Now, there was a whole new challenge.

In the meantime, I was in conversation with others. One person said she couldn’t do that because she would get bored. Another lady that I often see at workouts told me that her joints bother her sometimes. She saw that I was wet from having been in the pool. She said, “I know I am going to end up in the pool sometime, but I just hate the thought of getting undressed, getting wet, having to shower and then dress again. I was having my own challenges with thoughts, so these two people’s statements went off in me. The latter stated that it was the “thought” of having to change clothes, etc. that was stopping her. Even though she believes the pool would be good for her and help her, the thoughts are stopping her. The other person lets the thought of being bored stop her from even considering certain exercises or programs. Her mind is limiting her because she isn’t taking those thoughts captive.

So, here I was with a goal and task ahead of me and the benefit of other’s challenges to warn me. I know God gave me this exercise schedule but how do you sit on a indoor bicycle for an hour and a half without getting bored? In my heart I knew that I could not afford the luxury of boredom. I was just going to have to find a way to overcome it. Once I took that thought captive, everything became easier.

Once I realized this was a battle in my mind and that I had the ability to choose the outcome, the battle was over. The thought of being bored was vanquished and my mind eagerly sought solutions. It is really quite amazing how willing our minds are to serve us when we take authority over them and give them direction. I put it to the task of solving the problem instead of making up excuses and I immediately found my solution.

That is what it means to take a thought captive. That thought of being bored was not obedient to the overcoming authority of Christ. It was not obedient to the program Father laid before me. God gave me a schedule that would help me. The first thing that happened, though, were excuses. In the beginning it was too short and too easy. Then it was too long. However, by taking these thoughts captive, I have been able to adapt to everything I have encountered. I don’t need excuses. They aren’t going to help me be healthier. I need victories and so do you.
So here is the thing. We are still in the first month of the year and there are, no doubt, things you wish to accomplish this year. Don’t let the devil steal your victory by filling your mind with a myriad of excuses. They will be there but just take them captive and make them be obedient to goals God has given you. Don’t allow yourself the luxury of excuses. Flush whatever one is working for you right now. As soon as you say, “No” to it, your mind will find the solution you need. And don’t forget about prayer. Talk to Dad. Ask Him to help you with whatever the challenge is.

The scriptures are not only about our spiritual life. They are about our life. In fact, Father would have us not separate our spiritual life from our physical life. They are integrated to Him and that is what He wants you to see in this Word of the Day. Taking thoughts captive and making them obey Jesus has everything to do with what we do when we wake up tomorrow until the moment we lay our heads on our pillows. There is nothing you can’t do. You are not too old, not too broke, not too uneducated, not too bored. All those lies Satan has been feeding you, spit them out. He has held you captive long enough. As long as a particular excuse works, he will keep feeding it to you. It is up to you to take those lies captive and send them back to hell from where they came.

Come on team! Let’s go for the gusto! Let’s grab the brass ring. Let nothing stop you. Fulfill your destiny. Be the testimony of God’s glory. As always, if I can help you, please reach out. We have coaching available and always words of encouragement. Be blessed!

I’m Just Sayin’

Revelations 12:11

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony.

You may have noticed that the Old Testament and New Testament verses about healing are different from one another. The Old Testament has the promise, and the New Testament is much more about application. This is one of those application verses. It teaches us how to overcome.
Throughout this series we have seen the implication of our words. Here is yet another verse which leads us to understanding the power of the words we speak. In this case, we learn that our words are a key tool in overcoming the challenges we face. This verse also, I believe clearly, illuminates and resolves the question of who fights the battles of life. We shall never win in our own strength. It is Christ and his victory which has given us the power to be overcomers. However, and this is key, it was not the blood of the lamb alone which delivered. Victory is in the blood and the word of our testimony. In other words, victory is in Christ’s blood and our words.

Jesus paid the ultimate price to gain our release from the shackles that had all humanity bound in slavery. We were destitute, humanity’s only hope, the promised Messiah. Then he came, hallelujah, but was unrecognized by most. In the darkest of hours, Jesus nailed our enslavement to a cross. For all appearances it looked like the ultimate defeat, but out of the shadows arose triumph and that triumph set us all free. Or did it?

Today many remained enslaved. The victory of Christ is ours for the taking, but look around. Many have chosen not to claim the freedom that is theirs in Christ Jesus. It is heartbreaking. Were they to know that their victory is as close as the confession of their lips, then they could be free. Salvation has been won by the bravery and love of the Christ. It is claimed and becomes our own through our words. It is like having something in lay away that all you need to do is claim it through the use of speech. Salvation is for anyone who will claim it.

The great revelation is that all that Christ won for us is claimed in this very same way. As I wrote to you previously, salvation, prosperity and divine health were all purchased at Calvary. The question is why we go to the hill and return with only salvation. It is all there for us if we would only submit our claim ticket. If we can, with confidence, claim, “I am saved,” then we ought to also be able to say, “I am healed” with the same certainty. Likewise, our financial wellbeing is in the blood of the lamb and the words of our mouth.

Here is the point. Jesus’ blood has done its part, but we see from this verse that we have a role as well. Honestly, this truth makes us a bit uncomfortable because we don’t want anything to depend on us. None the less, this is how the Kingdom works. It is how it works for God and for Jesus as well. Remember, the world was not created because God thought it. He said something. That is also why Jesus remained silent when he was tortured and questioned. His words would have changed the outcome. We have been made in God’s image and in Christ’s image too because he is the exact representation of God. Thus, we must operate the Kingdom principles as they have taught and demonstrated. So, the reality is that we must say something. When this verse says “they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony” it means our words are how we participate in the overcoming blood of the lamb. The word of our testimony means the words of our mouth. What are we saying and are we intentionally saying what we want to see manifested in our lives? Look back at the prayer from last Monday’s Word of the Day titled Shift Gears. Borrow language from it, use it to help you write your own if you like. Let today’s word from the Lord affect you. Let it impact how you engage with Christ over your healing. Praise him. Thank him. Oh, what marvelous things he has done for us!

Let’s Live

Isaiah 49: 28

All flesh will know that I, the Lord, am your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

This verse, more than any other, defines the ambition of my ministry. I strongly desire the church of the Lord Jesus to be so strong and successful, living in the miracles and victory of our blessed Lord that all nations, all people will look upon us and know that we are the children of the Mighty One.  Everywhere we go, our lives, words and countenance should reflect the glory that is our Lord.

Too often the lives of Christians demonstrate lack and defeat.  I remember when I was young, believing in Jesus and his resurrection, but wanting little to do with most Christians I met. Then I moved to San Diego and there I met people who loved the Lord with all their heart but who did not seem to be dragged down by a ministry of poverty. They were happy, successful and as they talked about the Lord, their zeal could not be contained.  It blessed me right down to my socks and I went on a hunt for what they knew that I did not.  I challenged their premises and they showed me Jesus.  I became a student of the Bible because I wanted what they had.  I have never looked back and I am grateful, to this day, for the men and women who had the courage to live their convictions.  I saw miracles happen.  I even saw miracles occur when I prayed.  I want that back.

I don’t know what has happened but I see less of the miracle working power in my life and in my associations these days.  So, this I resolve. I will be the instigator.  I will shake up my own life and challenge myself to live what I believe.  I will challenge God, if I must, to show me how to part seas or walk on them.  Every miracle that has ever happened is as viable today as ever because God has not, and will not, change. He is just looking for someone who will believe Him.  Moses believed Him and led an entire nation into liberty.  What can we do if we will band together in radical belief and radical trust?

Will you reach out to me and let me know that mine is not a solitary voice in the wilderness? It is as simple as replying to this email or posting to the site. Are you, likewise, sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you believe that your Lord means better for you than what you are currently living? Does He want to touch your body and instill health? Strength?  What can the Lord do in our lives if we will, with humble and honest hearts, lay aside all that has kept us bound and throw ourselves fully into His arms?

We have a right and, dare I say, even a duty to live up to the victorious, overcoming, overflowing life which Jesus poured out for us.  The world is lost.  People are dying without ever meeting the beautiful Jesus. With all that is within me I implore you to reach beyond where you are and grasp all that Jesus offers.  We can all live higher in the light of his glory. It’s not all just about us, though. It is about the witness each of us will be in the earth. The world will look at Christians and say, as I did all those years ago, “I want what they have.”  We can absolutely demonstrate to the whole world that our God, our Father, is great, mighty and a lover of all people. Let this be our rallying point!  Let’s live; let’s live as Jesus meant us to.  In his blessed name, Amen.


Overcoming Praise

Psalm 107: 8                (Amplified)

Oh, that men would praise [and confess to] the Lord for His goodness and loving-kindness and His wonderful works to the children of men!

We have plenty we can celebrate about the goodness of God. He has freed us from every burden and sin and has set us up on the high places with Him. Now let us boldly praise His name and tell of his goodness. Also, confess the victories of the Lord. Confess his victories in your life and over all the works of the devil. Confess His healing in the face of the devil’s sickness. Proclaim your liberty. Say it aloud. “My God has overcome every evil thing in this and in the age to come. He has set me free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8: 2) and I praise you Lord that you have. I praise your name and glorify you because you are worthy of all praise.”

It’s that easy, though I admit that it sometimes takes practice. Confess His word. Let it come out of your mouth. Thank Him from the bottom of your heart. Give Him praise. It all works together for your overcoming in His name.

Big Brother

1 John 4: 4

You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

We are God’s little children and precious in his sight. He cares for us as any good parent would look after their small children. He is protection to us as well as leadership, guidance and even correction when necessary. It was out of his great love that he sent his son in the first place. Jesus is the perfect big brother. He has fought the bully who has tried to pick on the younger, smaller siblings. When we were defenseless, he arrived on the scene to overcome all manner of torment and aggression. He defeated the devil and all of his cronies and purchased our freedom from the tyranny of our former bondage. Now, in the freedom that Jesus purchased for us, we are overcomers because he lives in us and greater is he who lives in us than all of the problems, demons and challenges of this world. Greater is Christ in us than anything the devil can throw at us. When he tries to overcome us, even if by a horde of his devilment, we just shout the name of our big brother and He comes to our side and sets the bully into fearful flight.

Overcoming Peace

John 16: 33

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.

Jesus says to us, in this passage, that we can have peace “in” Him. He has already overcome the world and all of its tribulation and trouble. Being “in Him” means we do not have to participate in that tribulation. Yes, there are always bumps in the road but because He has already overcome, we can keep our peace. We do not have to get all upset and worried. Really we should not. He came so that we might have life in abundance (John 10:10). As we roll all of our care onto him; putting our full trust in Him and in His victory, then we do not have to suffer the emotional turmoil that the world is tortured with. Jesus is with us every day and we are everyday learning to draw closer and closer to Him and into His peace. He is, after all, the Prince of Peace.

Glorious Peace

John 16: 33

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

Peace is one thing the world needs more of. Peace is something which most of our lives need more of. It is an incredibly valuable commodity. In John 14: 27 Jesus assured his followers that he was going to leave his peace here in the earth for them, “My peace I give to you,” he told them. Then here in the 16th chapter of John we see part of the impact of Jesus’ peace in our lives. He taught us, he spoke to us so that even in the midst of turmoil, even when the tribulation of the world bears down upon us we can breathe. We can have peace. Jesus overcame the world so that we can live in peace.

Peace is the legacy Jesus left every believer. We have the right and the ability to live in peace even when the world is in chaos all around us. The key, though, is that we have to be in Him. These few words are so precious. They provide a test for us. I like having tests and measurable instruments. That way I do not have to weigh things subjectively. That is why, at least in part, I find this verse so valuable. Using this verse as an instrument I know I can stop my life for brief moment and check for peace. If I don’t have peace, if I don’t feel peace, if I am not walking in peace, then I am not in Him. Wow! That is powerful to me. I know that I need to stop whatever I am doing and get back in him. “Jesus, I am out of peace so I am out of you. Move me back into you and back into peace Lord. Show me where I may have jumped the track and what, if anything I need to do to get back in you. Lord, lead me to your perfect peace.” If you pray that very simple, almost naïve prayer you will find yourself back on track in no time. That is the value of a test. You can see where you are and if it is not where you want to be, you can immediately change courses.

Look, the world deals tribulation. Jesus told us that. However, he also told us that he has overcome the world and that we, therefore, have an inheritance of peace. No matter what you are going through right now won’t you let Jesus fill your heart with peace? Won’t you let him minister his sweet love to your very spirit? Don’t go through today without the peace of Christ. Don’t let the world do that to you. You are the heir to the promise. Live in it today.