Who Are You?

Psalm 144: 3     GW

O Lord, what are humans that you should care about them? What are mere mortals that you should think about them?

Do you ever wonder this too? I do. Sometimes when I see how we behave and how messed up humans are I am amazed that the God who created the universe would stoop so low as to call us His own. God be blessed in the heavens and earth for His kindness, charity and love. Pause and think of this. If you were the great creator, do you imagine wanting to create something better than us?

God knows us better than we and praise Him for that. He knows the end of the story and how we shall be when we are glorified with Jesus. I am so very grateful that He looks down upon me and sees someone of value because when I look in the mirror, I know that it is only His son within me that makes the image bearable. And when I finally do something right, God’s pride beams like the sun at noon. He is so happy with me.

One day, you and I will be perfect, and God will get the family He has always wanted, the family He deserves. We will be like Him, full of love and charity. We will care for one another, for all the animals He has entrusted to our care, and we will be smart enough to live on planets without consuming them. We will grow Gardens of Eden everywhere we trod.

God sees us now as we will be, and we must endeavor to do the same. If we look at humanity in its ugliest form, we will become discouraged and depressed. God does not dwell on the brokenness. He does not dwell on the fact that humans crucified His son. He meditates on the glory of Christ which is within us and sees how beautiful we will be when our intertwining with Jesus brings about the full transformation of grace. Glory to God. I will be beautiful then. The sun, and the son, will shine from my face like the first ray of morning. I know I don’t look like that to you now but that is how my Father sees me now. Most importantly, that is how He sees you. Not only that, He sees the rest of the world, even the most hideous of us as they can be. You know that person who just looks evil to you? Father knows that Jesus can make that person beautiful too and Father sees the beauty within.

So, who is man that God should take note of us? You might say we are no one worthy of even a moment of His time. I couldn’t disagree but . . . we are His greatest creation, His greatest desire, His greatest hope. God has taken that which was worthless and created children of His own glory. Hallelujah!


Psalm 144: 3, Psalm 22: 6

O Lord, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that You think of him? But I am a worm and not a man.

Who am I, Lord, that you should take notice of me? Who am I that you should care for me when I am just a worm and unworthy? I will tell who I am. I am a worm for whom Jesus bled, suffered, and died. Do not look at me for I am but a worm. I have no intrinsic value. If there is anything in me or of me that is attractive, it is Christ in me. He is remaking me into an image of himself. While I am far from the duplicate reflection of his grandeur, none the less, what kindness and generosity you find in me, is him. Jesus chose to give his life to me and enter into this transformation of my life with me. I didn’t deserve it; I don’t. But I am a worm that he loves and chose. Bless the Lord O my soul. Bless His holy name!