Perfect Parent

Psalm 68: 5 – 6

To the fatherless he is a father. To the widow he is a champion friend. To the lonely he gives a family. To the prisoners he leads into prosperity until they sing for joy. This is our Holy God in his Holy Place! But for the rebels there is heartache and despair.

This is one of the Words the Father has given us for encouragement. It is an important one, though sometimes over looked.  I have grayed out part of the verses to focus in on the first sentence.  We will discuss the remainder tomorrow.

There are no orphans in the Kingdom of God. God is a Father, the Father, in fact. If you had less than satisfactory relationships with your earthly parents, do not despair. Be healed in your heart by the one who loves you beyond measure. He (for lack of a more suitable pronoun) is your mother and your father. This is not the only place this promise appears. Psalm 27: 10 reads, “For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me up.” If your earthly parents failed you, fear not because God is here to pick you up.

Every loving characteristic of a good parent comes from God because God is the source of all love. Both women and men inherit their parental skills from God. We have made God in our image attributing to “Him” only masculine qualities but this is not as it should be. God is not gendered. Why would “He” be? He has no reason to procreate. He simply creates with the words of His mouth. I think this mischaracterization of God is one of the reasons people imagine Yahweh as vengeful, harsh and angry. We have put human robes on Him painting Him with the brush we gained from earthly fathers. We have all been deceived. Earthly fathers were never meant to be relegated to the role of disciplinarians. Fathers, your job is to love your children. In this you model your heavenly parent.

Over the years I have been stunned at the number of people who admit to having not only unfulfilling relationships with their fathers, but even traumatic, or even abusive ones. Because of the broken relationships with our earthly fathers, we often approach God with trepidation if we dare approach Him at all. It is common to hear Christians confess to having little to no relationship with God even though they love Jesus. Why is this so? I believe it is because we expect Him to treat us as earthly fathers do. Here is the good news, though. There is healing for us all. Yahweh is the perfect father. I even want you to know He is your real father. He begat you in His imagination and in the spiritual realm before your parents were born. At the beginning of time, God looked into the heavens and saw your beautiful face. He thought then, as He does now, that you are the most beautiful baby ever. He loves you with a love that is, actually, beyond your comprehension. As much as you have ever loved anyone, He loves you way more than that. He doesn’t only love you to the moon and back, He loves you as much as the entire universe and more which is why the universe is still expanding. It hasn’t the capacity, yet, to contain all He has and wants for you.

If one, or even both of your earth parents forsook or mistreated you, take ahold of this revelation and promise from Yahweh today. You are the beloved of the most loving parent ever. Trust me in this, if you will give God your heart, He will cherish and nurture it as the most precious thing ever. He will be the father or mother you wished you had when you were a child. Believe me in this! He can move into your life in a real way. It may be hard for us to understand how a spirit being can become so real to us that we are nourished in His loving embrace, but it is true. You just have to trust me. If you seek Him, you will find Him. The scripture says He will make up for years that the locust has stolen (Joel 2: 25). Let Him/Her, for God is both father and mother. God is love, the very source of all love. Do not let your thoughts be pigeonholed any longer. God isn’t one or the other. He is all in all. He is absolutely everything you need. Embrace and accept the fullness of His great affection.

In His Arms

Psalm 27: 10

For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me up.

Have your ever felt forsaken? Almost everyone feels some level of abandonment or rejection at some point in their lives. If you have gone through a divorce you may have suffered through feelings of abandonment. Maybe a parent was not completely present for you or their death left you feeling like an orphan. One can experience these feelings either from a spouse, parent, boyfriend or girlfriend. You might have even gone through a period when you felt all of your friends abandoned you. You may even feel abandoned by your children. The point is that most everyone goes through a period where they at least felt abandoned and certainly there are real instances of abandonment. These feelings of rejection can be devastating and have lifelong implications. They are not only life altering but life determinative by which I mean that if one has experienced deep feelings of abandonment at a young age they may never develop into the person that God created them to be. Their lives could be determined by the injury rather than by the blessing of God. That is a great loss.

There is great news though. No matter how devastated we have felt, we have never been orphaned, never once left alone or forsaken. At every one of those uncomfortable bends in the road the Lord, our God and Father, has been standing there with His arms open. Actually that is an understatement. He wasn’t just waiting for us to jump into His arms but rather He was carrying us. In the midst of our pain we may not have felt His love and support but it was there as was He.

Can you remember instances in your life when you felt the deep pain of abandonment and rejection? If you will mentally and emotionally go back to those times and this time see your Holy Father there embracing you, you can rectify the damage that those injuries caused you. You do not have to go along all your life carrying the hurt from parents or other loved ones who did not meet your needs. You can be fully healed and restored. You are not alone and you never have been, not even for an instant. Your heavenly father has been ever present and ever loving. Fill those voids with the love that knows no bounds. Reach out for the love that heals.

It is tragic to see a life not only unfulfilled but tainted by hurts suffered. So many people continue to bear the scars and battle wounds when there is healing available. What’s worse is that we remain susceptible to further injury when we do not allow healing to take place. Even worse, we pass those injuries onto our children and other loved ones. There is no need when we have a father who is full of love and grace and has healing in His hands. Embrace the loving hands of the father and allow Him to take all the hurts away.