Rebellion, Ha!

Psalm 2: 1 – 3             (TPT)

How dare the nations plan a rebellion. Their foolish plots are futile! Look at how the power brokers of the world rise up to hold their summit as the rulers scheme and confer together against Yahweh and his Anointed King, saying: “Let’s come together and break away from the Creator.”

This psalm was written circa 1044 B.C. That is a long time ago, and yet, doesn’t it sound like it was written for now? I recommend you read the entire psalm in The Passion translation. It isn’t long. Despite these rulers’ intentional attempts to root Yahweh out of life and government, God has it well in hand. Verse four says He laughs at their vanity.

Let us not be fooled. There is intentional conduct aimed at tearing God’s influence out of our lives. For our part, the first thing we can do is pray every day for our countries and rulers. Don’t mislead yourself, or others into thinking, that every governmental official is an unbeliever. That’s just not true. What is perhaps true is that we probably do not support those believing governmental workers and officers sufficiently with prayer. I confess my guilt but today is a new day and we get a do over. We can start today praying for our government and countries. Secondly, pray for the leaders who are not saved. It’s not important that you decide who is who, just pray for them all. That makes it easy. Our efforts are best employed blessing people.

That is not to say, however, that we shouldn’t push back a little. How do we do that? It is never by speaking against someone. It is in becoming a blessing. If you walk around blessing people and flowing in the power of God then you will become an attractive force in your town. People want success. They want to be happy. If you can bring them that, then they will not wish to divorce themselves from God. This is the most important thing we can learn.

We have gone awry trying to flex political muscle by our numbers. We need to become a spiritual powerhouse rather than a political one, and this from a political science major and attorney. I have a new revelation of political power and it is minuscule and trumped by spiritual power. That is why Yahweh sits upon his throne and scoffs at the efforts of rulers and principalities. In the end their effort is in vain. However, in the meantime, people lives can be so much better if we will stand upon our covenant and proclaim the name and the favorable year of the Lord. If we will stand up and walk in the power, and the grace, of our dear Lord, then we will not have a political battle on our hands. We will only have the thousands of thousands seeking what we have. Let us come together and proclaim the good news of our Lord through demonstrations of his love and power.

Divine Diet

Ezekiel 2: 7

But you shall speak My words to them whether they listen or not, for they are a rebellious people.

Every pastor faces the uncomfortable time when God has given her or him a message that he or she believes will not be received with gratitude by the congregation. None the less, as God told Ezekiel, that message must be delivered.

We can all be rebellious in our own right. There may be certain days when we are not as receptive or obedient as we should be. There are also certain topics to which we shut our hearts. However, we really need to make a pact with ourselves that we will soften our hearts and hear the message the minister has been given. In order for us to do that, we must first have confidence that our pastor is hearing from God. If you cannot say for certainty that your pastor is receiving his messages from God, then you must ask yourself why you are attending that church or listening to that particular minister.

The minister’s job, which I believe is clearly demonstrated in this passage, is to take from God and give whatever they receive to the people under her charge. Ministers must take the time to condition their hearts and the time necessary to hear from God. This is something we should all do but the minister spends more time in this pursuit than most people have to dedicate to the purpose. Ministers have an important role. Each person has a specific call on their lives for serving God and the body of Christ. The minister is supposed to help each person fulfill their personal destiny by delivering the Anointed Word of God to them.

If you are a pastor, teacher or other minister who has been called and anointed of God then I wish to encourage you today to deliver the words God has given you. It is not always easy as I appreciate. You may run into some resistance. However, there may be one person within the reach of your voice who is awaiting that very message. Further, we must agree together that the Holy Spirit will prepare the people’s hearts. You do your job and trust the Holy Spirit to do his. Also, do what you have to do to hear the voice of God. Your congregation does not need your wisdom. They need your anointing and your obedience to your anointing. They do not need cute anecdotes. Although they are good icebreakers, we cannot live on the cute stories. Pastor, feed on the word and the voice of God. Then deliver that food to those entrusted to you.

If your calling is not in full-time ministry there are two encouragements I wish to give you today. First, accept that you are, none the less, called into ministry. Everyone is. Secondly, do not let a tough message discourage you. You are made of sterner stuff than that. God is imparting life to you. Sometimes, though, we need a bit of jolt to awaken us. Trust your pastor or if you don’t then change churches. If you believe your pastor is hearing from God, then you would be a fool not to listen to him, right?

We all need the bread of life. To the extent we are deprived of it we are dying in some way. We need God’s Word and receiving it is a major reason for church services. You must be fed. Make it your determined purpose to feast at God’s divine table. Nourish yourself according to His nutritional plan. He is serving life.