Psalm 78: 20 – 11        TPT

They didn’t really believe the promises of God; they refused to trust him and move forward in faith. They forgot his wonderful works and the miracles of the past.

Asaph delivers a history of the Israelites in the psalm. He recounts their exodus with its miracles and challenges in making the point that it is important to remember our history and, significantly, to teach it to the next generation. Failing to keep God’s blessings fresh in our minds and hearts leads to our own failure.

Each generation goes through this challenge. When we experience and remember the miracles of God, especially in our own lives, our faith soars. When they become distant or we forget, then our ability to stand on God’s promises falters. Today’s verse could speak equally convincingly about any generation. As a group, and even individually, we go through times of strong faith, and times of doubt or at least marginalized faith. It is easy to forget all the times God has come through for His children or even shown His kindness in our own lives. When that happens, we become weak. In those times, we must stir up our own minds and spirits to recall the great things He has done for us. As we remember it is helpful to try to recall how those experiences made us feel. When you pair the memory with the emotion, it is as if the experience is new and happening in this moment. It is in those moments when you again believe the promises of God and trust Him. Then you can move forward in faith.

Most Christians don’t seem to actually believe the promises of God but that is something that can change overnight. We need to know what He has promised and then we stir ourselves towards belief. If God ever made a promise, it is a promise to us today because He hasn’t changed. Take His promises into your heart and own them for yourself. Make yourself a believer by meditating on those promises. Let Him be a big God in your life like He was in days of old. You are His chosen people, His inheritance. Let us remember and move forward in faith.

Case Closed

Isaiah 43:26

Put Me in remembrance; let us argue our case together, state your cause, that you may be proved right.

There is an important lesson embedded in here. God tells us to call to His attention those things which He has said. He invites you to hold His words up to Him. Why is that so important? All of creation hangs on His words. If God ever made a statement that fits your situation, then He invites you to bring your case before Him and use His own words to argue your case. Not only that, though that is huge, God will be your co-counsel. What? Yep, that’s right. “Let us argue our case together.”

He didn’t say, “Come before My throne and argue your case.” He wants to do this with you and He considers it “our” case. He is in it with you. What is the purpose of all this? That you may be proved right. God is giving you this advice so that you may be proved right. He wants to prove you right. He is going to argue on your behalf that you are right, and my guess is that He is going to win.

If we wrap our heads around this, we certainly will have no more issues with righteousness. God has proved our righteousness. Who wants to argue against Him? Only a fool would do that.

There is much to appreciate in this verse but one take away is that He suggests taking His words into the throne room to argue your case. Whatever He has spoken is, right now, a promise to you. You have a cause of action based on any word, any promise He has ever spoken and, we already know you are going to win because He is going to back you. Anything He has ever said is already on the record and if you take it to Him, you will be proved right. In other words, you win! Did He ever say anything about healing? What about finances or family? Whatever He has said, remind Him and He will declare you the victor. If He said it, He will do it. Case closed.