Destiny Thinking

Romans 8: 5

For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.

So the question is, “What am I thinking about?” Is this convicting or what? I must admit that the greater part of my thoughts in a day are about things of the world rather than spiritual things. I am thinking about my work, my family, my workout, my diet, leisure, and on and on. What percentage of the day am I really considering my heavenly Father, big brother and the Spirit of God? How often am I considering Dad’s goals and wishes? In truth, the things of the Spirit and prayer are taking up a smaller portion of my day than the things of the flesh. How, then, can I truly say that I am a spiritual person. Those whose thoughts are predominantly of the world and the things of the flesh are those who are “according to the flesh”.

I believe we are all called to be people of the Spirit. That is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. Before he left the earth he said that it was to our advantage that he leave so that he could send the Spirit (John 16: 7). We are the New Testament temples because the Holy Spirit has come to make his abode in us. We were destined to have our being in him. Far too easily, though, the world comes to dominate our thoughts and everyday existence. Perhaps today’s verse acts as a reminder of who we are in Christ Jesus, who we are in the redemptive power of the Lord Jesus. However, we get to choose whether we will stand in the office preserved for us. We get to decide whether we will live according to the flesh or according to the Spirit. With that power comes responsibility. That is always the rub with the allocation of power.

Where we live our lives, whether in the flesh or in the Spirit begins, as it always must, with our thoughts. That is why David prayed for God to make the meditation of his heart acceptable in God’s sight (Psalm 19: 14). David realized that his heart and mind must hold onto the thoughts of God if he was to be successful. Paul taught this same idea in Romans 12: 2, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” If we are going to live our destinies then we must marshal the power of our minds and direct it towards God. We will have to intentionally seek direction and assistance in not only what we do but in what we think and think about. As a man thinks, so is he (Proverb 23: 7).

I am convinced that if we will invest our thinking time and power on the things of God, we will do all things better, even the things that are worldly, like our jobs. Our destinies are tied up in God’s thoughts. Think on Him and his ways and fulfill your destiny!

Minding the Spirit

Romans 8: 5

For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.

This scripture raises an interesting question for us all. Where, really, is our mind? I know for myself that I awaken in the morning thinking about what I need to do that day. So, my mind is on the things of the flesh. There are people, though, whose first thought in the morning is towards God. They pray before they ever leave their beds and they dedicate their day to the Lord, our god. 

No matter what our occupation we are supposed to live everyday unto the Lord. That can be a bit of a challenge when we let the world intervene first thing in the morning. I am learning that I need to right my ship early, then I can have my mind set on the things of the Spirit from the outset. From there all matter of life can proceed. If my mind is set on the things of the Spirit rather than on the things of the flesh don’t you imagine that priorities and the flow of my day may be affected? If, instead, I am focused on my to do list, getting to the grocery store, emails, phone calls and the like it gets very difficult for the Lord to lead me. You see, I believe in this verse Paul is giving us some very practical, everyday advice. Set your mind on the things of the Spirit so that you and the Holy Spirit are in synch the rest of the day. Let the Holy Spirit guide you through your to do list. Let Him inspire your actions. 

When we set our minds on the Spirit we will reap the fruit of the Spirit. That is what we want. We want to live Spirit inspired lives. Too many times people have the notion that Spirit led lives are for ministers. The minister’s job is to teach all of us how to live the high life, life which is lived in the power and light of the Holy Spirit. 

Begin your day by turning your eyes on Jesus. Let Him be your morning illumination. Then just follow where he leads.