Psalm 129: 4

The Lord is righteous. He has cut me loose from the ropes that wicked people tied around me.

It is my guess that everyone has felt hindered or bound at some point in their lives. Most people experience times when it seems they are being held back and we ask, “What is preventing me from reaching my goals?” The good news is that the answer becomes irrelevant in Christ Jesus.

Here is an Old Testament principle, God has cut the ropes which bound us. Jesus is the new revelation and a sharp sword. I am imagining a movie scene of a person being held prisoner bound with ropes. There is no rope which has ever been fabricated strong enough to withstand the sharp edge of the Word. He has released you.

No matter what has ever hampered you, whether that be a poor upbringing, a lacking self-image, evil people, whatever has stunted your growth and progress, those obstacles are vanquished in the resurrection of Jesus. Doesn’t that thrill your heart? Maybe you did not have all the advantages of others, but you can finish your race proudly. God’s righteousness has severed all the restricting bonds. He has given you freedom. Glory to His most holy name!

Blessing is yours, and liberty, as you meditate on this verse from today’s psalm. See the ropes falling away as you fly on the wings of angels. Be blessed!