Psalm 91:16

With a long life I will satisfy him.

Earlier in this series we saw Exodus 23: 26 which in the NLT reads, “I will give you long, full lives.” That is some pretty simple stuff; good promises from God to you. What’s not to understand? Still, there is a place in these two verses where people get hung up. It’s this question, “What is a long life?” Today’s verse holds the answer. You get to determine what long life means. You can hang out here on earth until you get satisfied.

The best story I have ever heard on this was from Reverend Kenneth Hagin. He said, “If you ever hear I died, you will know I got satisfied.” Well, one morning he was eating some strawberries, I think. He ate the bowl of berries he had been served but then thought he would like a few more. So, he ate a few more, laid his head down on the table and went to heaven. He got satisfied. How cool is that? He punched out when he was good and ready. Not a minute before.

That story, and it’s a true story, creates a comfort within me. We don’t have to get sick and die. Just comfortably satisfied. We have gotten fooled that moving to heaven is a result of sickness. That’s not gospel. That’s a lie. It doesn’t even make sense. It’s like someone had the idea that God invented disease so that he could get people off the earth into heaven. Really? Nuts, right? No, God wants you to translate yourself to His Kingdom in heaven when you are ready. Doesn’t that sound more rational?

Hey, forget this sickness business. Let’s just leave that to the Egyptians. Let’s live in the promise of God, intertwine our lives around Jesus and get full and satisfied. Yeah, I like that!


1 Chronicles 29: 28

Then he died in a ripe old age, full of days, riches and honor and his son Solomon reigned in his place.

Well, if you are following the story this week, our friend, David has died passing, on the mantle of leadership to Solomon. What I find interesting in this passage is that he died at a ripe old age, full of days, full of riches and full of honor. My interest is especially piqued by the fullness of days. There is another passage in the twenty-third chapter that goes along with this. Verse 1 of that chapter reads, “Now when David reached old age, he made his son Solomon king over Israel.” There is a footnote at “reached old age” which tells us that he literally was “sated with days.” He was full of days, satisfied. Of course, that brings to mind Psalm 91: 16, “With a long life I will satisfy him and let him see My salvation.”

You should live on planet earth healthy and prosperous until you are fully satisfied. You aren’t supposed to die because you are sick. You are supposed to lay down your body and move to heaven because you are well satisfied. David was ready to turn over the running of Israel to his son and did. Everything was in place, his work done, his life full and satisfied. He left having fulfilled his mission in life.

Christians need a brain washing and this scripture is good for it. We have been coaxed by the world into sickness and death but Jesus is the life so we must adjust our thinking. Right now, each of us already has eternal life. The only difference will be that we will move to heaven at some point. However, for all we know, we may be back on earth someday. The point is, though, that we have begun to think like the world instead of like God and that is a problem. When people ask what you are going to die of you ought to say of satisfaction. When I am full of what this world holds, I will move on and it won’t be because I am sick or diseased. We’ll just lay down these bodies.

Get this mindset working in you that God has promised to satisfy you and don’t quit, don’t lay down until you are full and satisfied.

Well, Satisfied . . . I’m Satisfied

Psalm 34: 12-13

Who is the man who desires life, and loves length of days that he may see good? Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit.

Do you desire good life? Do you desire to have a long life filled with the goodness of God? David tells us in this psalm how to get just that. He instructs us to keep our lips holy unto God. Speak words of life and healing rather than words of death and destruction. Don’t indulge in telling lies or even telling half truths because that is also deceitful.

Every time you open your mouth about a situation you can either give a report on what the devil is doing or you can report on what God is doing. You can say, “Oh, my knee hurts,” reporting on the hard work of the devil. Or you can say, “By his stripes, I am healed,” telling of the good works of God.

If you desire a long life filled with the promises of God, then you need to fill your mouth with the good news of the Lord. Speak out of your own mouth all that he says regarding every situation in your life. Are you broke? Or are you rich? Are you sick or are you healed? What does God say about your situation? Find out if you don’t know and then repeat what he says.


Psalm 107: 9                      NIV

For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

That sounds good, really good but listen to how this reads in the New American Standard, “For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what is good.” Now that is an out of the park homer. The NIV is a good Bible and I like it a great deal but the NASB is just a bit more accurate but what is going on here is that these words are really describing a dynamic that we can only fully comprehend when we receive the amalgamation of both translations. You see, God has already satisfied your every need but with God you have to understand that God does not live in “time” as we do. Therefore, he has already satisfied you and is satisfying you and will satisfy you. All of His blessings take place in the present because He is always in the present but for us His present is our past, present and future. Have I managed to confuse you? My point is, don’t be confused over the variance in these translations because God’s blessing are eternal and continuous. What you want to receive is that God is and has already met your deepest need and He will continue to do so until the end of time and on into eternity.

When we first read this passage it is easy to think of food and drink but I think the real hunger and thirst from which we suffer is not in our bodies but in our souls and our spirits. God is here today to tell you that He knows of the deep hunger inside of you and that He has already moved on your behalf to satisfy that deepest of needs. What’s more, God satisfies us with good things. All of His answers are goodness, kindness, mercy, etc. He is filling us with the bounty of His goodness and grace. Everything good is yours without measure. He has no desire to withhold any good thing from you for His source is boundless. There is no bottom in His well. 

So what is it that your heart of heart longs for? Do you want to preach to the world? Evangelize a nation? Would you like to see revival in your home church or maybe just your brother-in-law saved. All of these fall under God’s grace and provision. Do you long for a meaningful relationship or work that calls you to higher ground? What would you do if you had absolutely no limitations? That is what God is trying to encourage in you today. He sees the deep longing of your heart and He wants you to know that He agrees with you. He trusts you with that goal and vision and is your top encourager. If you dared to dream the impossible, what would it look like? Well, guess what, God is able to dream that big. He is, will and has satisfied that deepest longing. God is in the fulfillment business. He isn’t putting your longings on backorder so get ready to receive. Build a bigger barn, here comes the blessing.

Water in the Desert

Isaiah 58: 11

And the Lord will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire in scorched places, and give strength to your bones.

God has promised that He will guide you and when you follow Him you are necessarily satisfied and strengthened. Those things are in Christ, they are just part of the fulfillment of walking with him and in him. In these days God is calling out to His people as well as answering the cries of their hearts. He wants to be in close fellowship with you, daily fellowship.

I think that sometimes we carry around a deep, unsatisfied thirst. It seems, at times, unquenchable and the reason why is because there is only one thing that will satisfy that burning thirst and that is the Holy Spirit of God. God, however, has promised to fill us. In the New Covenant He has come and made His abode our hearts. Jesus is even now satisfying that deep thirst with his living waters and he promised us we would never thirst again.

Have you had a deep, unquenchable thirst or an unsatisfied hunger? Have you ever felt that there was something missing or that you have just not received enough yet? Maybe you have the sense that there is something more for your life. Then today is your day for today is the day of filling. Jesus is in your presence right now with his hand outstretched. He is calling out your name. Hearken to the word of the Lord and be filled to overflowing. Receive your anointing in the Holy Spirit. Allow yourself to be completely immersed in the waters of the Holy Spirit. You will find that you are quite comfortable and you will find healing for aches you didn’t even know you had. Your Father desperately wants to give you all of Himself. Open your heart and receive His abundance in the name of Jesus.