Sheltering in Place

Psalm 57: 1       NLT

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy! I look to you for protection. I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until the danger passes by.

Did you know God has wings? I didn’t. I never thought about it until now though I have read these passages many times. When you picture Him, do you picture Him with wings?

Have a look at Psalm 36: 7, “How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings,” (NIV). God’s wings are a place of refuge for people. One translation says, “All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings,” (NLV). Not only is He a place of shelter of refuge but this inn is open to all humanity. This shows God’s great, unfailing love as well as His compassion and understanding. He has spread His wings for all humanity to seek shelter in Him. I cannot help but find the play on words interesting as we constantly discuss “sheltering in place.” He is the shelter in which we should hide ourselves until the danger passes.

I am reading a story about a dragon rider and his dragon. They were on a long journey through the wilderness. At night the dragon would cover her rider with her wings. The rider was safe and dry under the protection of those wings. As I read, I could feel the comfort of looking up and seeing the shelter of the wing. That is what made me begin to understand the security of our Father covering us with His wing. We are safe and secure as He shields us from the dangers of the world.

Ask yourself, “How does one hide beneath the shadow of God’s wings or how does one take refuge in the shadow of His wings?” Is this something we do in prayer, meditatively, by the confession of our mouths or in our hearts?” How did David run into the strong tower of God’s protection? I ask you because that was very real for David. The threat to his personal safety was very real so he needed a very real solution. It was neither an ethereal nor a hypothetical question for David. He was saved time and time again by hiding himself in the refuge of God’s care.

This is the part I can answer for you. God is there with you right now. He has His wings extended as an invitation to enter into the shelter of His protection. His love and concern for you are very real to Him and He has you on His mind at this very moment. However, it is clear from these verses and others that David, as well as other writers, were the actors in the passages. They were the ones who hid themselves in the refuge of God. They sheltered themselves under the shadow of His wings. God didn’t kidnap them and put them in the safety of His shelter. We must run into His embrace. So, run – run to your Father. Hide yourself under His wing and stay there until the danger has passed.

If this devotion has helped you, will you forward it to someone else? Most everyone you know needs some comfort right now. Thank you.

Heavenly Shelter

Psalm 91: 1

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91 is one of the Bible passages that it really pays to meditate on. It is such a comfort. It is, however, a bit poetic. Let’s overlay New Testament ideology with it and see if it becomes more understandable.

Since Jesus’ victory, which overcame all things on our behalf, our language has turned to expressions of being “in Christ” or “in him.” This idea is a cornerstone of New Testament theology. No longer do we strive in our own might. The key now is to rest in him. In Christ we have righteousness, salvation, redemption, victory, etc. It’s all about being in him. Jesus said he is the vine and that we must, therefore, abide in him (John 15: 4). When we abide in him, then all things are possible, and we are safe. That is what this verse in Psalm means. Those who dwell, or abide, in Jesus will be safely covered by the shadow of the Almighty. Since we are in him, then we are close enough that his shadow covers us. We are hidden from the powers of evil and chaos. The Passion Translation says it better than I can, “When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai, you are hidden in the strength of God Most High.”

Yesterday, when God brought this verse out to me, the message that came with it was, “When you abide in me, you have no reason to fear.” Trusting God and dwelling in His shelter gives us the ability to stand in confidence. God is with us and watching over us. Does that give you comfort?

The other way to apply this is to ask yourself what you are frightened over or what is holding you back. Then, purposefully, abide in the shelter of God. Pray and see yourself moving into His home. See that wherever you go, wherever He goes, His shadow is over you. You are always as close as His own shadow. Meditate and pray about being in Christ and think about God in you. This is our resting place; our safe and sturdy refuge.

The world can be a scary place, but you have a friend. You are never alone. He is with you always. Acknowledge Him and His presence. Make it point to live in Him and everything will be okay.