Gifted Builders

1 Peter 4: 10

As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another.

God has sown his good gifts into the Body of Christ for the building up of the entire body. You have different gifts than do I. Yours are different than your best friend’s likely. That is because we are supposed to use our gifts collectively to build a stronger house. There is no purpose in two of us having the same gifts as there is no reason for us to have two plumbers and no electrician. No one’s job is more important than another’s. It takes them all in order to build a strong house. Are you gifted? Are you blessed? Those blessing and gifts are for you to use to build up others. If you are blessed, then you should be seeking out ways to bless others. God wants to bless you but he also wants you to grow up and be like him. What does that mean? He wants you to outgrow being a consumer only and become a sower. He will continue to sow good things in your life but don’t be the clog in the plumbing. Keep that blessing moving. The more you sow, the more there will be for others to sow with. 

Spiritual Push-ups

Daniel 6: 10

… and he continued kneeling on his knees three times a day, praying and giving thanks before his God, as he had been doing previously.

We understand that Daniel was possessed of an extraordinary spirit (Daniel 6: 3). We may even go so far as to speculate that his great advantage was the Holy Spirit even though the outpouring of the Spirit had not yet occurred. However, we know there is more to the story because not everyone was operating in the kind of success that Daniel was. Additionally, we recognize different levels of cooperation with the Spirit of God today even though we all have the same access to him. So, my question is, what made Daniel different and how can we learn from him so that we can experience the same level of success he did.

We know that God is not one to show partiality (Acts 10: 34). Whatever He has done for one person He will do for another. So why aren’t we all demonstrating and people saying of us that we are possessed of an extraordinary spirit? I believe at least part of the answer is found here in today’s verse. Daniel made a habit of praying to God three times a day. Can we be honest? How many of us can say that we pray at least once a day every day? Daniel regularly spent time with God and seeking God.

We are a triune being made in the image of God. We are spirit, soul and body. Well, we certainly take efforts to develop our bodies. We spend time developing our soul too which is our mind, will and emotions. It seems reasonable, then, that our spirits can be developed too. One of the ways Daniel developed his spirit was to spend time in prayer. This cannot be rote prayers though. We aren’t really seeking God when we just repeat prayers but time spent seeking God’s leading and just seeking His face does help us develop spiritually. How else might we develop our spirits? Certainly, reading the Bible thoughtfully is effective. Again, we don’t gain by just reading the Bible like it is homework that just has to be completed. We read it thoughtfully and prayerfully allowing the Holy Spirit to minister its meaning to us. You may read only a small passage and yet gain volumes from it. Certainly praise and worship minister to our spirits as well. 

However you commune with God the time spent with Him will help you to develop spiritually and as your spirit develops you will find it increasingly easy to hear Him and be led according to His guidance. Stay on this path and soon you will be a great overcomer just like Daniel.