Abide Securely

Proverb 3: 23 – 24

Then you will walk in your way securely, and your foot will not stumble. When you lie down, you will not be afraid.

Those two verses contain some very nice promises. I imagine that every person would greatly desire the security and steadiness spoken of in those two short verses. They really include a rather large promise. But the first word of the passage indicates that there is something which precedes this divine security. The entire third proverb is about wisdom and Verse 21 tells what leads a person to this specific kind of protected existence. We are directed to pursue wisdom and understanding and specifically to keep sound wisdom and discretion. By wisdom, God created all the heavens and earth. By them, we live in His secure place. We are to live a discrete life, following God’s wisdom and his ways. Wisdom is found by those who seek her. She is found through the pages of his word and meditation therein. Nothing can replace the time we individually spend with God’s word. He is His word and He reveals Himself to us in these pages. Seek wisdom for she will guard your way and be a lamp unto your feet. You will live in peace and comfort.

Perfect Reliability

Isaiah 40: 8

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.

There is one thing you can count on all of the time. No matter what comes and goes, no matter what changes we go through in the world, our God is never changing and his Word is unshakeable. If you feel that sometimes you are walking in quick sand know that our God has given you a firm foundation in his Word. Regardless of what you are going through or where you are in your life, the Word is solid and reliable. It means exactly what it says and you can depend on it and on our Father. If you find a promise in his Word, it is just as applicable to you now as it was when it was first written or spoken. He is the God who is more than enough and he has given you a book of inspiration and promises so that you will have everything that you need at all times.