Precarious Steps

Psalm 37: 23 – 24

The steps of a man are established by the Lord; and He delights in his way. When he falls, he shall not be hurled headlong; because the Lord is the One who holds his hand.

After yesterday’s Word on God giving us hind’s feet for the high places this passage seemed appropriate. I watched a video today of a guy riding down a treacherous path on his bike. It was awe inspiring. There were sections where I thought to myself, “That would be hard to hike much less traverse on a bike.” Of course it didn’t help that the bike rider was at the top of a mountain and that the trail was perched precariously on the outside edge. I could glimpse a river every now and again and it was thousands of feet below the trail. Whew!

How nice is it that when we feel like we are on a path like that or that we must navigate some hazardous ground that we not only have hind’s feet but we also have our heavenly Father right beside us holding our hands. Can you see Him beside you in your mind’s eye? Can you see Him holding your hand?

I am thinking about the first time we rode a bike. Many of us had someone running along beside us helping us to stay upright. If I picture myself on my bike I can turn to the side and see the Father holding me up. You know, sometimes I need that. How about you? What are you doing now (besides reading this)? Are you at work? Are you about to go to your workout? Whatever is next on your schedule, Father God would love to do it with you. If you will let Him establish your steps, guide your way, I am sure that all will be better and easier.

Just think about riding your bike down that very challenging trail, it is the Portal trail in Moab, Utah, by the way. Wouldn’t you want Father establishing your steps, perhaps steering too? This is a perfect metaphor for life. If you can see yourself on a challenging hike or picking your way down the Portal Trail and imagine our Father coaching you with every step and holding on to you, then you have the picture of what your life can be, should be. He will help you to not put a foot wrong. He will catch you if you fall. You will not be hurled headlong and brother that is good news in life and on the Portal Trail.

Look up the trail. Watch the video. It is on the Ivey Ministries Facebook page ( You will likely conclude that it is challenging, but then, so is life.