The Day of Trouble

Psalm 20: 1

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble!

I have noticed two distinct ways people deal with their day of trouble. First there are those people who immediately get prayerful. Even if their prayer life has not been what they intend for it to be, when the pressure comes on, they find the time to dive into the Word of God and time to pray.

The other group of people behaves like turtles. When danger appears, they immediately tuck their heads into their shells and hide. And they do not come out of that shell until the danger has passed. I want you to know that it is hard for the Lord to answer you in your day of trouble if you have not first called Him.

God is a compassionate God, and he waits to have compassion on you. What happens is that the devil forms some kind of attack, and you go into hiding. From there you can easily be deceived and isolated. You don’t reach out to your Christian friends, your pastor or even God. It is very easy then for you to be blown around from one idea to the next. You need the Word of God to secure you. You need good solid Bible teaching. And you need fellowship with mature Christians. Without these it is often the case that these people find themselves depressed and cut off. Before long they are following some wrong doctrine. And when they realize that they are not really listening to God and obeying him, they isolate themselves further. They become concerned that a discerning person will be able to see that they are in disobedience.

God is an understanding God. He will show you love and affection even when you are off track or defeated. Also, He has appointed people in the body of Christ to support you and pray for you. He has appointed teachers who can point you in the right direction. Don’t let yourself become so overwhelmed that you start closing off the avenues through which God can minister to you. Do not become a turtle. You are going to get nowhere as a turtle. Let God help you. Let Him answer you. Pray to Him asking for His help and then let Him help you. And don’t be afraid if He uses another person to help you. Fear is meant to stop you. Don’t let it.