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Is that Honeysuckle I smell? What a nice aroma. This one factor alone made today’s ride fabulous. Isn’t it interesting how affected we can be by something as simple as a sweet-smelling flower? It doesn’t hurt that it is pretty to look at as well. And so, the old saying comes to mind, “Stop and smell the roses,” or in this case honeysuckle.

Biking is my metaphor for life and I find I run my life exactly as I do my bike rides. On this very ride, I saw some pretty flowers and the thought went through my mind to stop and take a picture of them. Did I? No, why not? I reasoned it would interfere with my time. What an idiot! I was supposed to be out for a leisurely ride in the first place. Why was I so worried about my time?

And this is exactly what I do in life. I get so absorbed with the things I could do, should do and must do that I forget the one thing which is most important in life, living. Thank God (literally) for bike riding. It is helping me learn that I must appreciate the flower today because it will not be there tomorrow. Enjoy what life has to hold for me today because I may not pass this way again.

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