Biker Gang
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So, if you look in the background you will see a canoe rental sign and no, we’re not all about to pedal (or paddle) downriver. This is the Little Miami trail in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. These folks kindly agreed to pose for me. I was struck by the humor as I thought of them as a “Biker gang.” Not the usual group you would associate with that term.

Man, what a beautiful day to be out for a ride along the river. This is roughly around Morrow, Ohio. I used to ride this trail every morning for a couple of hours. It’s dead flat, nicely maintained, and paved. I’ve spent a lot of miles on this trail. In fact, my only 100-mile ride was on this trail. That was a great day too! If you are ever in the Cinci area, definitely go ride this trail. Plan on a long ride. It is also a great ride for packing a lunch and eating out by the river. Alternatively, in Loveland especially, but a few other places as well, there are restaurants right on the trail. Check out the Montgomery Cycle shop in Loveland. But if you do ride this trail, watch out for biker gangs. Lol.

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